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The Country of Afghanistan at a Glance

Afghanistan Flag The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan mostly known as Afghanistan is an amazing mountainous country in South-Central Asia. The word Afghanistan means the country of the Pashtun nation. Afghanistan is a wonderful, Islamic state in South Asia. The country is covered with mountains and deserts. It is hot in summer and very cold in winter. In 1919, the country gained independence from the United States.

Evidence of their history can be found through the ethnic characteristics and language of Afghanistan. For a long time, many people moved through Afghanistan and settled there. In ancient times, Pashto meant only Afghanistan, but now Afghan means all citizens of the country, regardless of race or religion.

Capital and Government

The capital of Afghanistan is Kabul. The largest city in the country is Kabul. The city of Kabul has the largest population. The country's president is Hamid Karzai, first vice president is Asrullah Saleh and second vice president is Sarwar Danish. The country's legislature is prominent. The Sanskrit language of the country is Pashto, Dari, and Persian. Afghanistan has a total of 34 provinces.

Each province has a capital. An internal governor is appointed by the country and the governor is in charge of all internal affairs. The internal governor is in charge of all administrations, including the appointment of the police chief. After the Soviet and Afghan wars, many people left the countryside and moved to Kabul.

As of 2018 World Bank Data, the population of Afghanistan was 37.17 million. The area of the country is 652,864 km2. Afghanistan is home to many diverse ethnic groups, but it has a large Muslim population. Many types of people live in this country and their language and culture are different. The country's population growth rate is 2.6%. Due to the mountainous and desert conditions in Afghanistan, most people live in the capital Kabul.


Afghanistan's economy is largely dependent on foreign exchange. The currency of this country is Afghan. The country's per capita income is estimated at $ 2,024 with a total GDP of $72.911 billion (PPP 2018). The number of people living below the poverty line is 53% and the unemployment rate is 40%. The country exports a variety of goods. Their export products are opium, cotton, fruits, wheat, pelts, precious etc. The country also imports a variety of goods.


Afghanistan is a warm region and surrounded by mountains and deserts, it is difficult to travel in a comfortable way. However, the sights of country are very beautiful. The country has many mosques because it is Islamic. Noshakh (also called Nowshak) is the highest mountain of the country. Mount Noshaq stands at 24,580 feet in height and it is the second highest peak in the Hindu Kush Range. Ghazni Minar, Jam Minar, Bamiyan Valley are the places of interest in the country. Another amazing place of interest is the statue of Bamiyan which is a UNESCO certified place.