Azerbaijan: The land of Fire

Azerbaijan FlagThe Republic of Azerbaijan is also known as Azerbaijan is a transcontinental country. The country is situated in the western Asian and East European regions. The country sits on top of a lot of natural gas and oil. Even there is a mountain where the fire never stops.

Democracy, Capital & Language

It is a free nation that has a unitary dominant-party semi-presidential republic government.

Baku is the capital of this tiny country. It is considered the largest city in the country. You can roam around the city with a boat like Venice.

Azerbaijani is the official language here. But there are at least 10 more languages are spoken by the natives.

Population & Economy

This is a small country and the country is populated with around 10 million people.

The economy of Azerbaijan has obtained its post-Soviet transition to a major oil-based economy. The energy sector using the large stores of raw oil and also natural gas, is the most important source of economical growth inside Azerbaijan nowadays, though half the Azerbaijani folks earn their very own income indirectly through providers and a 3 rd earn all their income by means of agriculture.

Land of Horses

The Karabakh horses - well-known for its easy speed, cleverness, and stamina - may be the national animal of Azerbaijan. They are very prevalent in the nation, and one from the oldest dogs in the world. Horsemeat was once broadly eaten within Azerbaijan, great it has dropped out of favor; you’ll discover lamb as well as beef listed instead.


Azerbaijan has far more mud volcanoes than any country that is known – over 400. Any time its volcanoes erupt, typically the flames skyrocket to a km in the air, and once dormant that they bubble along with pop using noxious smells.

A Mountain with Fire

The Burning Mountain/hill is a unique natural consider in the Absheron peninsula. It all burns throughout every season due to natural gas escaping from ground level.

Unique Facts

• There is a whole floating city on stilts.
• They drink a lot of tea
• They are one of the most grapes exporting countries.
• They have the oldest miniature books museum on earth.
•They have some amazing looking architectural structures.

This country is constantly growing. Tourism is getting popular day by day. Someone can travel across the country to see some amazing constructive and engineering works, enjoy a sweet cup of tea. They also have their own culture of music which can cheer up someone’s mood easily.