Things to know about Bahrain

Bahrain FlagKingdom of Bahrain is a sovereign country located in Persian Gulf and made up of 40 islands that are natural and 51 others which are artificial. The population of Bahrain is 1.2 million approximately 50% of the population is actual Bahraini while the remaining half of the population is from India, Iran, Pakistan, UK and US.

Bahrain cover up the land area of 780 kilometers square also considered as third smallest nation in the continent Asia. the capital and largest city of the country is Manama holding the population around 1.5 lack. In 19th century country was considered best in the world for its pearl fisheries.


Bahrain is one the ancient countries that show the signs of Islam, when Arab was ruling in the lifetime of Prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H on that time Portuguese Empire was ruling Bahrain from 1521 to 1602, after that the country was captured from Nasr Al Madhkur by the Bani Utub from that time Al Khalifa royal family is ruling Bahrain and the first Hakim was Ahmed Al Fateh.

In late 18th century the country became protectorate of Britan and got independence in the year of 1971 and declared as Islamic Constitutional monarchy in the year of 2002. Bahrain faced some troubles in 2011 by regional Arab spring and protests that claims human right abuses such as imprisonment and torture and the majority was Shia Muslim.


In Persian Gulf the country developed first post oil economy and many of world’s largest financial institutions are in the capital city due to investment in banking and tourism for a decade. Bahrain is considered as high-income economy by World bank and has high Human Development Index, the country is also member of some numerous organizations like Arab League, Gulf cooperating council, United Nations, Non-Alignment movement and Organization of Islamic co-operation.

Petroleum production is and processing is most exported product accounting nearly 60% and 70% of government revenue and has the GDP of 11%, the second largest exported product is Aluminum. The country imports food stuff in very huge amount of 75% to feed its population mostly meet and fruits especially from Australia.


Education makes nations powers and Bahrain is on to it, it is compulsory for children ages between 6-14 years and the best part is it’s completely free for the students studying in public schools they get textbooks and reading material completely free of cost from the Ministry of Education, also boys and girls have separate classrooms in schools.