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Bangla newspapers are published in Bangladesh as well as other countries in the world. Several Bangla newspapers are published in the United States, Canada, and other countries by citizens of Bangladeshi descent. These newspapers are mainly published for the Bengali community living there. They cover news of different areas including the Bangladeshi community, Bangladesh, and international affairs.

Newspapers require a standard number of community members in a country to get a standard number of audiences. The communities living in those countries need to know about economic, political, industrial, social services, etc. Since there are fairly a standard number of people of Bangladeshi descent living in the United States, some Bengali newspapers are definitely needed for the community. To meet this need, several Bengali newspapers have been published in the United States.

There are several online newspapers here. Weekly Bangalee, Ekhon Somoy, America Bangla, Thikana, PBC 24, etc are notable of them. In this article, we will discuss some of the best newspapers published in the United States. Of course, it is not possible to say which newspaper is the best. However, the readership of these papers and the traffic of these news websites represent the level of familiarity.

Now, we are going to list some of the best Bengali newspapers published in the United States.

Best Bangla Newspaper in USA - Bengali News

Here is a list of the best Bangla newspaper in the USA:

01. Weekly Bangalee

Weekly Bangalee is one of the most popular Bangla newspapers published in the United States of America. It is a New York-based newspaper. In America, it is the most widely read Bangla newspaper. Weekly Bangalee started its journey in 1991.

It covers the news of different sections including the Bangladeshi community in New York City, the USA, Bangladesh, and the world. This news portal is most familiar for its insightful news. However, it is a weekly newspaper. The paper is distributed on Saturdays in New York City.

Bangladeshi Americans living in New York City read this newspaper for local, national, international, and entertainment. In addition to this, the paper also publishes editorials, people’s opinions, and Sports. This newspaper is distributed throughout New York City. Besides, the news of this newspaper is available online as well.

02. Ekhon Somoy

Ekhon Somoy is another popular Bengali newspaper published in the United States. The newspaper is published in New York. This publication started its journey in 2000. The newspaper is printed in tablet format. The current and founding editor of this newspaper is Kazi Shamsul Haque.

The headquarters of Ekhon Somoy is located in Jackson Heights, New York City. When the newspaper was first published, it was a monthly paper. Then from November of the same year, it was converted into a weekly newspaper. It serves the news for Bangladeshi Americans.

Apart from the Bangladesh community, it also covers news for other communities living in the United States. In addition to the print version, there is an online edition of this newspaper. It is also quite popular.

03. America Bangla

America Bangla is a well-known and popular online news portal published in the United States. It collects news from various sources and records them and publishes them on the website. This portal is run by a group of smart and talented journalists. According to their commentary, they are always determined to deliver impartial news in a fearless manner.

America Bangla News Portal provides news on various contemporary issues. Within these, politics, entertainment, health, technology, sports, business, trade, lifestyle, etc. are significant. This news portal, according to its own statement, provides accurate news at the right time.

It can be clearly said that the news articles of this portal are very informative and authentic. Its purpose is to bridge the gap between Bengali-speaking people all over the world. You will receive news updates on the 24-hour news portal.

04. Thikana

Thikana is an online and printed Bangla newspaper published in the United States. The address is the English word for Thikana. This is the address of Bangladeshi Americans living in the United States. The purpose of this newspaper is to build bridges between home and abroad. Moreover, its main goal is to make its way into the American mainstream by carrying its own history, heritage, and culture on American soil.

Thikana newspaper began its journey in 1990. It is published in Jackson Heights, New York City. This newspaper has a branch office in Bangladesh as well. It is located on Panthapath in Dhaka. The founder of this paper is M. M. Shahin. He is a former politician in Bangladesh.

It serves different categories of news. Among them, popular categories are Breaking News, Exclusive, Bangladesh, America, Politics, and New York Parikrama. This potrika reveals the contemporary position of Bangladeshis living in the United States. It serves the news equally about Bangladesh and the Bangladeshi community in America. As a result, the newspaper ties Bangladesh and Bangladeshi Americans together.

05. PBC 24

PBC stands for Probashi Barta Corporation. PBC 24 is an online bd newspaper published in the USA. This news portal was founded in 2003. Surprisingly, it is the first Bangladeshi online news portal. Initially, the news media published news on But they changed the website later. Now, this publication has been publishing news on

However, this news website has two different subdomains. One is used for publishing Bangla news and the other for English news. It covers the news of a number of categories including Bangladesh, Global, Europe, and Far East Asia. The newspaper started its journey earlier than the corporation.

Probashi Barta Corporation was founded in 2007. Motiur Rahaman is its chief editor and publisher. Interestingly, the website is used not only for news purposes but for business purposes. The corporation has been doing e-Commerce business through the news website as well.

Final Words

The number of Bangladeshis currently living in the United States is not small. More than two and a half lakh Bangladeshi Americans live here. A number of media outlets have been formed to bridge the gap between Bangladeshis living here and Bangladesh.

This article is about some of the best Bangla newspapers published in the United States. You must have enjoyed reading this article. You can also read top Bangla newspapers in Bangladesh.