Things to know about Belize

Belize FlagBelize (formerly: British Honduras) is a small country with an area of 22,964 square kilometers (slightly smaller than Belgium), located to the northeast of Central America, and bounded to the north and northwest by Mexico, to the east by the Caribbean Sea and to the south and west of Guatemala, which can It forms a natural fruit. The word Belice in Spanish comes from the Mayan language and means "way to the sea."

With an estimated population of 230,000, Belize remains a country of low population density. The city of Belize has a third of the population (70,000 people); The other two main cities are Orange Walk (barely 10,000 people) and Belmopan (7,000 people), one of the smallest capitals in the world.


The most widely unwritten module in Belize is the English-based American faculty, which is called Bileez Kriol, there is no communication gather in the land. Withal, multilingualism in Belize is not a difficulty, as there are triplet inferior languages in the region. All groups conjunctive (care ness and indorsement module), Creole speaks writer than 70% of the population, Land 60% and Arts 46%. In diddle, most Belize speakers communicate Romance, Spanish, and Land at the aforesaid second.


The economy of small and private businesses is mainly based on agriculture, agro-industry, and commercial promotion, and tourism and construction are assumed to be more important. Sugar, the dominant crop, accounts for nearly half of exports, while the banana industry is the largest employer in the country.


Humanities is the language of instruction in schools. Notwithstanding, the law does not expand the module in which the communication should be taught.In prescript, children incur their upbringing in Nation from the prototypic assemblage of direct schooltime. Withal, the literacy judge is 98% in Belize, and it appears to be one of the maximal in USA.

Spanish has become a compulsory language from the second cycle of an elementary school in Belize. Spanish conversation is necessary given Belize's close proximity to Mexico and other Central American countries.

Belize News Media

It was the British who brought the media to Belize. Most of today's newspapers are in English (Amandala, Ambergris Caye, Belize Observer, Belize Mail, The Belize Reporter, The Belize Times, The Guardian, Washington Post Belize, etc.). There are Spanish leagues.

Radio Belize is the largest state-owned radio station. It is broadcast mainly in English, similar to the British BBC model. However, many programs are broadcast daily in Spanish and Creole. In addition, if the private religious station My Refuge broadcasts mainly in English, Estereo Amor is only broadcast in Spanish. Channel 5 (Channel 5) also belongs to the country and broadcasts mainly in English, but some programs are in Creole or Spanish. Belize seems to be very proud of this multilingualism.