6 Best Flight Comparison Sites in the World

By Andy Mario | Updated On

Choosing a perfect flight at a reasonable price for your trip is very challenging nowadays.

Sadly, there is no individual booking web site that offers the best prices constantly. Therefore, it could be overwhelming to find out how to mix-match various arranging sites to have affordable bargains.

“Indulge your imagination in every possible flight - Jane Austen”

The option of making your reservation for directly using your airline, there are dozens of airline flight booking internet sites, also known as on the online travel agencies (OTAs), available.
Here are the few sites you should have a look before choosing the perfect deal:

01.Google Flights

Google Flights gives an abundance of easy-to-use capabilities to focus the best obtainable flight. Besides basic filtration like selling price, connections, and also departure periods, you can disregard flights according to carry-on carrier allowances, contract, and hooking up airports.

It is a meta-search engine designed for traveling purposes only. This website displays selling price trends and also shows simply how much your solution will cost according to your air travel date over a map.
(+) Add free smooth UI.
(+) The price-tracking tool is available.
(+) With the help of a search by map, you can get an idea about other fares of flight which you have not decided to go to yet.


Kayak is a top-level site for finding a great flight with a perfect price. Kayak’s flexible look for remains one of several better tools for obtaining a deal, in today’s jam-packed field. Their explore road provides a rapid glance at the latest deals for you to destinations over the world.

The user interface is quite noisy though. But this meta search engine can provide a perfect prophecy about the average rate of upcoming flights by analyzing their previous data.
(+) Can provide the price analysis
(+) It can predict the upcoming average fare of flights
(+) You can narrow down the search category with the filters
(-) Price updates can be delayed sometimes


Momondo could be the first site to come across the mind when it comes to finding a flight at a cheaper cost.

Momondo is a great alternative for global flight research, thanks to it is inclusion regarding lesser-known territorial budget air carriers combined with additional carriers. One more major variation, domestic lookups include Freebie southwest flights whilst other sites tend not to.

Momondo searches for costs from a great deal of more compact OTAs, which may lead to an arrangement that additional meta-search engine sites miss.
(+) You can search prices through different OTAs for a better deal.
(+) Search results can be filtered easily.
(+) They have flight fare tracking tools to analyze the prices over time.
(-) You have to create separate reservations for different sites which may seem puzzling.


Skyscanner is an excellent web site for those trying to find the best air travel deals. That boasts an amazing search characteristic and filtration that allows you to examine prices coming from almost every air travel.

Their modern interface permits you to view rates for 30 days.It is a meta-search engine that allows us to search for flights in a longer range.
(+) It shows prices through different OTAs for a better deal
(+) You can filter the search results.
(+) You Can get a track of last 30 day’s price.
(-) There is a lot of sponsored ads on search result which can disguise you.


Expedia is a widely used flight search site that gives you a better deal with different OTAs. it also suggests hotels regarding your destinations which might be useful for many users.

It boasts a special tool called “My search Tool” that enables you to examine deals in itineraries you are considering. You can earn points every time you buy a service using the site which can be used to buy flights at a cheaper rate lately.
(+) You can earn reward points.
(+) You can double-check the fares before the final confirmation.
(+) Usage of different OTAs
(-) You can not filter search result as per your requirements.


CheapOair is a top-nitch booking web site that provides top quality fares regarding hotels, traveling by plane and automobile bookings. It is prices are very well organized over a calendar, as well as the website will attract and useful.

You can find hotels beside your destinations at a cheaper price. They provide organized search results.
(+) You can find a perfect deal even at the eleventh hour.
(+) CheapOair members get a discount.
(+) You can book hotels.
(-) Not so friendly for booking delayed flights.