The 7 Best Tools to Keep Kids Safe Online in 2024

By Ana Maria | Updated On

Parenting is not an easy task. You have to be concerned about a ton of things about your children. Nowadays it has become more difficult as there is easy access to the internet and the child can be disguised easily. So you need to know what contents your children are going through. Here is a hand full of tools that might help you to limit or track your child’s internet consumption.

“A baby is God's opinion that the world should go on. — Carl Sandburg”

01. Bark

The bark is a very frequent tool to be used nowadays by the parents to limit the internet usages of their children. Bark’s focus would be content tracking with the ability to monitor unlimited popular programs, social media websites, and even SMS and email.

Additionally, it can track if the child is going through cyber bullying or perhaps sexting.It also addresses the solution to deal with these issues that the child is going through.

02. Pocket Guardian

The pocket guardian can give you information about texts, browsing history, and also locations. But it also addresses the importance of the individuality of a growing child.

So PocketGuardian aims to create a trustworthy relationship in your way on the path to your young adults, so it does not necessarily send you a new screenshot in the message, photograph, or text message it flagged as troublesome. Instead, the idea sends you your timestamp, some of the form of activity the item noticed, as well as the resources and also the precise product information you need to have a good productive dialogue with your youngster.

03. Net Nanny

Net nanny is a top-notch internet security provider tool. It works on different operating systems. Even though this application doesn’t screen social media articles, it does supply strong help in basics just like parental regulates, screen moment management, a web filter, to be able to block programs, websites, using a focus on preventing pornography. Moreover, it reports you online which is easily accessible via any browser or device.

04. Qustodio

Qustodio is one of the most popular if not the most popular tool for internet safety. It has a very easy accessible user interface. This specific software is higher priced than several but offers when it comes to regulates and basic safety. With the ability to obstruct and reduce inappropriate articles, games, and also apps, screen social media, control screen moments, and the path location, your current bases are usually covered.

05. TeenSafe

TeenSafe is mostly preferred for teenagers. Parents who want cyber safety of their school-going children can use the benefits of this tool. It allows the parents to restrict certain apps or websites. It also gives details about browsing history. Moreover, you can check deleted or removed texts and search histories. You can also use safety guards specifically when your child is driving.

06. Zoodles Kid Mode

Zoodles can be used for the safe internet usages of a child and also can be used in the learning purpose of the child. It allows the parents to set app or site recommendations according to the child’s age which is quite beneficial.

The particular app furthermore tells mom and dad how much time youngsters spend on each and every site with different subject matter so you can advertise subjects just like math, research, reading, and also life expertise. Zoodles is additionally perfectly cost-effective

07. Zoodles Kid Mode

Web safety is intended to limit the usages certain sites and apps which your children are not supposed to use.

This specific software is distinctive from many because web content is just not blocked, yet monitored. Mom and dad receive real-time alerts with their phone while inappropriate web sites are going to, new software is saved, or you can find concerning topics/words in Sms interceptor.