Birmingham's Top 23 Indian Restaurants for Delicious Dining

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Indian food is a big part of what makes Birmingham so great, and everyone has learned of the Balti Triangle, which is the best area to enjoy a delicious curry. However, Birmingham executes Indian food so well that there are restaurants providing wonderful curries in every neighborhood.

While Birmingham is regarded both locally and worldwide as the birthplace of the balti, the city's vibrant Indian culinary culture is much more than that. Read on to explore, in no specific order, 23 of Birmingham's best Indian restaurants, renowned for their inventive variations on the classic dish and its curries.

Do you want to spice up your meals? It's time to keep the desirability and go on. From exotic restaurants to restaurants, we've got everything you need for great Indian food. Using our unique list of all the top Indian restaurants in Birmingham, you can enjoy traditional food and inventive combinations.

Is it a traditional, dependable steak-house hamburger or even some soul-food-influenced mac-and-cheese when you think of delicious meals? When I want a warm, fulfilling, spicy chicken and rice-and-beans comfort supper with excellent flavored bread in the cold, I turn to Indian food.

Birmingham boasts a number of excellent Indian restaurants, serving anything from traditional cooking to fusion fare. Check out these neighborhood restaurants serving curries, samosas, and everything in between.

Birmingham boasts a good selection of Indian restaurants, Desi Pubs, and Baltis. Indeed, it is reported that the modest Balti was developed or popularized here in the 1990s. The Balti Triangle made the city famous globally, but things have changed, and the area's Indian food has developed beyond recognition.

There are so many Indian restaurants here to select from. Based on personal experience and internet reviews, we select some of the top Indian restaurants Birmingham has to offer. It's all here, from delectable baltis, super-sized naans, Indian tapas, mixed grills, and tandooris, so fold a towel in and start eating your way across the city!

23 Best Indian Restaurants in Birmingham

Here is a list of 23 Best Indian Restaurants in Birmingham:

01. Opheem

There's no doubt that this trendy Indian restaurant makes a difference - and not only with its eye-catching décor. Aktar Islam, an Aston-born chef-owner who grew up serving in his father's eatery, has established something truly unique. Opheem, located in the heart of Birmingham, aspires to push the boundaries of Indian flavors by mixing traditional and modern culinary techniques.

Opheem is the first Michelin-starred Indian restaurant located outside of London. This restaurant also has a private dining area for private dinners with family and friends, special celebrations, business lunches, and closed-circuit events.
Address: 65 Summer Row, Birmingham B3 1JJ, United Kingdom

02. Lasan

Lasan is widely regarded as the greatest Indian restaurant in the United Kingdom. From its Jewellery Quarter location, the artisanal heart of Birmingham, it serves award-winning food in friendly, magnificent settings. This is the place to go if you prefer high-quality ingredients in your food. They use free-range chicken, and all of their food is delicious and appealing.

This Indian restaurant serves guinea chicken korma and rock oyster tempura, among other dishes. It's no surprise that they were acclaimed by Gordon Ramsay and won his 'F Word' Contest in 2010. They were named Best Local Restaurant, and their reputation has only grown over the last 10 years. It's no surprise they managed to win the Gordon Ramsay Award!
Address: 3 - 4 Dakota Buildings, James Street, St Paul's Square, Birmingham B3 1SD, United Kingdom

03. Asha's Birmingham

On Newhall Street in Birmingham, there is currently a brimful of Asha. Asha’s Birmingham is a renowned restaurant in this city. The room is spacious but cozy, with a lovely, friendly design. Asha's is way ahead of its competitors in terms of atmosphere, service, and the greatest Indian food available in the UK.

Asha's is now listed in the Michelin guide. The only Indian restaurant in the West Midlands given the highest individual rating in the renowned Michelin Guide. So please come down to Asha's for an unforgettable eating experience.
Address: 12-22 Newhall St, Birmingham B3 3LX, United Kingdom

04. The Celebrity Restaurant

The Celebrity Restaurant serves exquisite Indian food on Broad Street and Brindley Place. Enjoy your lunch overlooking the city's canal network and busy nightlife in a setting that radiates luxury and charm while maintaining a casual and sophisticated atmosphere in the heart of Birmingham's entertainment and culinary hub.

It's a pretty wonderful restaurant with a fantastic selection of tasty meals and extremely polite service. It is also quite easy for getting to the canal area. This eatery comes highly recommended by me.
Address: 44 Broad St, Birmingham B1 2HP, United Kingdom

05. Pushkar Cocktail Bar & Dining

It is a luxurious Indian restaurant in Birmingham with a sassy cocktail lounge named Best West Midlands Indian Restaurant at the British Curry Awards in 2021. Pushkar has won a lot of hype and wonderful reviews from Birmingham foodies.

Pushkar is ideal for drinks and sharing platters, but it also has a stunning a la carte menu, and Chef Bishal Rasaily, who has worked at the Taj Sheraton in Mumbai and the famed Chutney Mary's in London, has a passion for making fresh, contemporary, and healthful cuisine.
Address: 245 Broad St, Birmingham B1 2HQ, United Kingdom

06. The Indian Streatery

The Indian Streatery is a fantastic restaurant; not only is the cuisine fantastic, but so is the warmth and service. You must go immediately! There is a huge competition in Birmingham for Indian restaurants, but this inconspicuous and small privately owned restaurant near New Street is fantastic. The service is courteous and welcoming, and the cuisine is diverse and wonderful. And the ambiance is true to its street food origins.
Address: 21a Bennetts Hill, Birmingham B2 5QP, United Kingdom

07. 1580 Contemporary Indian Restaurant

This restaurant is ideal for a night out with family or friends. The staff is great and courteous. The cuisine is fantastic, and it is one of my favorite Indian restaurants. I would absolutely suggest this restaurant to anyone who enjoys spicy or modern Indian cuisine. From the outer appearance to the friendly employees, it is clear that there is a concerted attempt to provide a positive client experience.
Address: 710 Chester Rd, Birmingham B23 5TE, United Kingdom

08. Itihaas

Itihaas is a restaurant in the center of Birmingham. It is widely regarded as the Midlands' pioneer of superb Indian cuisine, and it has received several distinctions for its food, service, and design. It's a wonderful restaurant where modern and traditional combine. The cuisine will take you on a gourmet adventure through northern India, with stops in Kenya and lively Mumbai.

The establishment itself is wonderful, having a comfortable atmosphere and good private dining sections. Their alcohol collection is decent, featuring a solid variety of spirits and cocktails. The restaurant staff is really nice and helpful. The nicest thing is that they understand the cuisine they are serving.
Address: 18 Fleet St, Birmingham B3 1JL, United Kingdom

09. James Dahl Indian

James Dahl Indian is a restaurant that will revolutionize the way you think about Indian food. They use all-natural ingredients, seasonal vegetables, and healthy cooking techniques to create meals that are light and fresh, in contrast to the customary heavy, yet tasty, specialties we've built a relationship with the Indian cuisine. Begin with appetizers such as the James Special or rushani pangas, fried Bangladeshi fish with spices, garlic, and onions.

We prefer the saag tikka special, which combines garlic, spinach, and marinated chicken in a blend of spices and ingredients, or the vegetarian mushroom bhaji. Despite its recent (2016) launch, James Dahl has achieved already a big success.
Address: The Arcadian, 70 Hurst St, Birmingham B5 4TD, United Kingdom

10. Rajdoot

It is said that the Rajdoot was the first Indian eatery in Britain to pioneer tandoori-style cooking in 1966. Four decades later, the facility is still delivering.

The restaurant specializes in North Indian and Punjabi food, with a few exceptions such as Nepalese chicken choyla and entire lobster cooked with Himalayan spices. Otherwise, anticipate shish kebabs, sag gosht, lamb chili bhuna, and veggie biryani, supplemented with duck tikka and fish narial. There's another location in Manchester, as well as an odd offshoot on the Costa del Sol in Fuengirola.
Address: 78-79 George St, Birmingham B3 1PY, United Kingdom

11. Varanasi

The entryway to the restaurant is definitely worth all of the points since it is so stunning. The cuisine is prepared in a classy manner and is both fascinating and unique. I would suggest the venue for major celebrations/dinners. Dining here is like being taken to another universe, complete with sights, scents, and taste sensations.

The atmosphere and service are both excellent. The tasty and well-presented meal covers a wide range of dishes to accommodate a wide range of preferences. There is also a nice selection of vegetarian options. The staff is highly attentive and friendly, and they may propose food according to your preferences.
Address: 184 Broad St, Birmingham B15 1DA, United Kingdom

12. Tamatanga

Tamatanga is the place to go in Burmingham for superb Indian food. The ambiance is fantastic, and the food is hot and just as expected. The flavors explode on your tongue. If you want Indian food, you must go! This vivid, colorful restaurant specializes in traditional Indian meals and artisan beverages.
Address: Orion Building, Navigation St, Birmingham B5 4AX, United Kingdom

13. Raja Monkey

Raja Monkey is an Indian restaurant in Hall Green, Birmingham that serves a range of curries and specialty dishes. It is the greatest Indian & Asian restaurant in Birmingham, Solihull, and Hall Green.

Raja Monkey is arguably more forward-thinking and accommodating of current marketing strategies than many South Asian eateries, serving a variety of streetfood in a casual, approachable style.

The tastefully 'aged' furnishings are meant to inspire nostalgia for India's roadside eateries, albeit their own dining area is fully equipped. It's not the cheapest place to eat, but the costs are reasonable.
Address: Waitrose, 1355 Stratford Road Hall Green (Opp, Birmingham B28 9HW, United Kingdom

14. Milan Indian Cuisine

Milan Indian Cuisine, one of Birmingham's most renowned eating establishments, is a popular restaurant nestled away on Newhall Street. It is a truly hidden gem, popular with vegetarians but also offering a variety of meat and seafood options. Inside, there are leather seats, dim lighting, fresh white linens, and fashionable floral arrangements.

The moderately priced menu here is a rare combination of classic flavors, creative presentation, and contemporary ways. This restaurant is ideal for business dinners and big groups, and it is sure to impress even the most ardent curry enthusiasts.
Address: 93 Newhall St, Birmingham B3 1LH, United Kingdom

15. Ajay and Shivani Kenth

Ajay and Shivani Kenth, the husband and wife pair of Zindiya, have been planning this endeavor since they were teenagers. Their idea was to offer an immersive experience of India in a casual and enjoyable setting, such as drinking chai or Limca and eating chaat and gol gappe. The name is a combination of the Hindi word "Zindagi," which means "life," and the couple's daughter Diya, which means "light and splendor."

There is accommodation for 90 people, including covered rickshaw booths and a bar area with the best cocktail menu in the village, designed by cocktail legend Robert Wood, as well as local craft beers..
Address: 21 Woodbridge Rd, Birmingham B13 8EJ, United Kingdom

16. Umami

Umami, located in the Birmingham neighborhood of Harborne, holds its own among the diversity of Indian food available in the commercial hub. It prides itself on exceptionally delectable meals with heritage, as there is an aura of tradition and history that pervades throughout, as its name is Japanese for 'essence of taste.'

You can try Chicken Chettiyar, a homage to the community's great fighters and aficionados. The attention to detail is obvious from conception to completion. There is no doubt that you will love the ambiance. Besides, the service is satisfactory.
Address: 25 Lordswood RdHarborne, Birmingham B17 9RA, UK

17. Jilabi

Jilabi has introduced the true flavor of India to Birmingham. Its award-winning chef offers a broad selection of options, from your firm favorite to a slew of specialties, all prepared with the freshest, best quality ingredients, and, of course, you can expect first-rate, pleasant service.

Jilabi is the spot to dine if you are a visitor to the NEC or visiting Birmingham for business or pleasure. It will give you an experience that you will never forget. It is a calm environment where people come to dine, relax, laugh, chat, celebrate, and entertain, and they always return to do it all again.
Address: 2065 Coventry Rd, Birmingham B26 3DY, United Kingdom

18. Basmati

Basmati is a quality restaurant serving Bangladeshi/Indian cuisine and serving the Birmingham area since 2002. They specialize in genuine Indian cuisine while also offering a fusion menu to British curry fans. Their dishes include traditional curries and a variety of fusion choices. All clients have access to parking and free Wi-Fi.
Address: 2065 Coventry Rd, Birmingham B26 3DY, United Kingdom

19. Shababs Balti Restaurant

It is a traditional Indian restaurant owned by a family in the center of The Balti Triangle. Shababs is well-known for its five-star balti meals. It has welcomed several celebrities, including the BBC's The Hairy Bikers. This restaurant is ideal for a romantic dinner for two, as well as family and business parties.

It offers a separate event space on the first floor that can accommodate up to 75 people and has a wonderful view. Shababs is a must-see for every Balti enthusiast.
Address: 163-165 Ladypool Rd., Sparkbrook, Birmingham B12 8LQ, United Kingdom

20. Vila Spice & Grill

It is a modern Indian restaurant located in Great Barr, Birmingham. They have built a reputation for excellent quality, tasty food, and friendly, welcoming service while serving a wide variety of delectable grilled foods.

To guarantee that every bite replicates the delightful flavors and fragrances of Indian cuisine. They use the best and freshest ingredients, combined with genuine herbs and spices. The eatery is the ideal setting for a romantic dinner or a large gathering.
Address: 140 Beacon Rd, Birmingham B43 7BN, United Kingdom

21. Alleppey Boat

Alleppey Boat has been working hard to enhance its service and quality in order to provide its clients with the finest possible experience. As a consequence, they are now pleased to announce and promote the most recent enhancement, the new ordering website! So you may also unwind at home and order your favorite, freshly made Alleppey Boat dishes.
Address: 1492 Stratford Rd, Robin Hood Island, Birmingham B28 9ET, United Kingdom

22. Harborne Tandoori

Harborne Tandoori is perfect for couples, families, and groups of friends. This magnificent restaurant is a sanctuary to relax and enjoy the greatest cuisine and beverages, whether for business socializing or just getting together.

It is one of just a few Indian restaurants in Harborne that serves high-quality Indian food. You may enjoy those beverages in all seasons thanks to their well-decorated table and seating facilities. They will make you feel at home. It can accommodate both small and large gatherings.
Address: Next to the Natwest Bank, 10 South St, Birmingham B17 0DB, United Kingdom

23. Indico Mailbox

It is a fine-casual Indian street cuisine restaurant that has won several awards. You're a few feet away from the North Indian streets. They pay homage to the noble merchants as well as the street food tradition.
Address: 113-115 Wharfside Street, The Mailbox, Birmingham B1 1RF, United Kingdom

Final Words

Indian food has placed a significant position in Birmingham. There are so many Indian people living around the city. Besides, nowadays many British people love to eat Indian dishes. So, there are a large number of Indian restaurants in this locality. Here we have reviewed some popular Indian restaurants in Birmingham. You may have a visit to any of them.

If you're travelling to the United States, take a look at some of the best Indian restaurants in the USA to visit.

In Birmingham, almost all Indian restaurants offer online orders from customers through websites or applications like Uber Eats, Just Eat and Deliveroo. So, buy delicious Indian food online or make a reservation for a table.