Brazil: The Soccer Nation.

Brazil FlagThe Federative Republic of Brazil also known as Brazil is a popular country with a lot of natural beauties, beaches and, heritage. It is a large country and is situated in both parts of the Latin and South American regions. The country is well known for athletics, sports, and music and dance.

Democracy, Capital & Language

It is a free nation that has a federal presidential constitutional republic government.

Brasilia is the capital of the country. Sau Paulo is considered as the largest city in the country lies in the southern part of the country.

Portuguese is the official and national language here.

Population & Economy

It is a very large country and it is populated with more than 210 million people.

This country’s economy depends on various sectors. Agriculture would be the largest sector which is followed by some other different industries and other services. The automobile, chemical industries generate a lot of money. They produce a lot of coffee beans, soybeans, and raw sugar. Nowadays they also earn a lot of money from tourism.

Health and Education

Often the Brazilian health of the national system, often the Unified Health System (SUS), is been able and furnished by all improved government, staying the largest approach to this type worldwide. Private sectors also provide health care services to the people.

The education sector is also quite good here. They have some of the best universities in the whole Latin American region.


This country is all about sports. Football is the most popular sport here and this country holds a massive chunk of records such as participating in all events of World Cup and winning the trophy for the maximum number of times. They have produced a lot of world-class football players who have tremendous records in football history. they have at least 10 international football stadiums. The Maracana stadium used to be the largest stadium on earth. Their football players play in giant football clubs all over the world.Volleyball, basketball, and racing are also quite popular here.

The Number “5”

The number 5 has some sort of connection with the country. It is the 5th largest country in the world by land and also they have the 5th largest population in the world. They also have won the international championship of the football world cup 5 times.

It could be a very good destination for travelers. It has more than 10 UNESCO designated heritage and cultural sites. A big carnival is arranged in the city of Rio De Janeiro that attracts tourists.