The 10 Best Newspapers in Brisbane

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Brisbane is the Capital of Queensland State of Australia. There is a little number of newspapers published in Brisbane.

But the history of newspapers in Brisbane witnesses that there were some popular newspapers that were once published in Brisbane but those publications stopped for different reasons.

However, in this article, we are going to show you the list of the 10 best newspapers in Brisbane of all time.

The 10 Best Newspapers in Brisbane

Here's a list of The 10 Best Newspapers in Brisbane:

01. The Courier-Mail

The Courier-Mail is a daily newspaper published in Brisbane, Australia. News Corp Australia, a media conglomerate is the owner of this newspaper. It is printed in tabloid format on a regular basis. This newspaper was founded in 1846. There was a newspaper named The Moreton Bay Courier. It had been renamed as The Courier later. And in 1933, it became the Courier-Mail.

Its headquarters is located in Brisbane, Australia, and available throughout the state of Queensland. Besides, this newspaper is also available in some parts of Northern Territory and Northern NSW. It has a big circulation (about 200K Monday-Friday).

02. Brisbane Times

The Brisbane Times is an Australian newspaper that has no printed version. It is published online for the whole of Queensland state. The owner of this news site is Nine Entertainment Co whose editor is Danielle Cronin. It’s a new news site as it was founded in 2007. The headquarters is located in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Peter Douglas Beattie, an Australian politician founded this online news portal. Interestingly, the journey was with only 14 journalists. The motto of this news portal is to suppress the records of Courier-Mail’s online traffic. As of 2015, it was the 191st most visited website in Australia.

03. The Sunday Mail

The Sunday Mail is a weekly newspaper published in Brisbane It is printed in tabloid format. This newspaper includes different sections that are kept separately so that readers can find out different sections easily. This newspaper is available in some areas of the Northern Territory, NSW, and Queensland.

Interestingly, this is the only Sunday paper in Brisbane, Australia. News Corp Australia owns this very newspaper. Peter Gleeson is the current editor. The editorial office is at Bowen Hills. In 2006, it has more than 1500K readers.

04. The Catholic Leader

The Catholic Leader is an Australian newspaper published in Brisbane. This newspaper started its journey in 1892 as the official appendage of the Catholic Church in Brisbane. Interestingly, this newspaper has been serving Australia for the longest time.

This newspaper was known as The Catholic Age in the beginning. Then in 1929, the name had been changed to The Catholic Leader. You can address it as a religious newspaper that covers all about Catholicism.

05. Queensland Country Life

Queensland Country Life was an Australian newspaper that was published in Brisbane. It was a monthly newspaper. The publication published its first issue in 1900. This newspaper replaced an earlier newspaper named the Australian Tropiculturalist and Stockbreeder. The title itself reveals the issues that it used to focus on.

This monthly newspaper insisted on agriculture. Besides, it covered a lot of topics. However, all the topics it used to deal with were related to rural affairs. This newspaper targeted only the rural readers.

06. The Daily Mail

The Daily Mail was a daily newspaper based in Brisbane city. It started its journey in 1903. This newspaper had been published till 1933. That means it was not active for a long time. Charles Hardie Buzacott, an Australian Journalist founded this daily newspaper. It was October 3, 1903, when this newspaper appeared for the first time.

Besides, once this newspaper was named the Brisbane Daily Mail. But it was for a little period (from June 2015 to December 2015). The owner ceased the publication on 26th August 1933. Then this newspaper came with a new publication that is today known as The Courier-Mail.

07. The MX

The MX was also a Brisbane-based daily newspaper in Australia. However, it was published not only in Brisbane but also in Melbourne. News Corp Australia owned and produced this publication. It had a targeted area including inner-city bus stops, railway stations, and CBD intersections.

This newspaper was founded in 2001 and printed in Tabloid format. It mainly focused on celebrity trivia, controversial events, new product lines, celebrity gossip, and some other issues like these. Anyway, it did not run its publication for a long time. This daily newspaper stopped its publication in 2015.

08. The Week

The week was another Brisbane-based newspaper in Australia. Its main vision was General information, mining, farming, commerce, and amusement. These focus points were written on the masthead of this newspaper. This newspaper ran for about a half-century. It started its journey in 1876 and ceased its publication in 1934.

It has also been digitalized as the collection of the Trove. The Trove is a database aggregator that works for preserving data including digital images, full-text documents, and so on.

09. The Worker

The Worker was a famous Australian newspaper published in Brisbane. This newspaper started its journey in 1890 and ceased its publication in 1974. That means it lasted for 85 years. It had an affiliation with the Australian Labor Party. In the beginning, people knew it as The Australian Workman. Then it was renamed The Brisbane Worker. But the official name of this paper was The Worker.

10. The Daily Standard

The Daily Standard was an Australian daily newspaper published in Brisbane. It had a strong political alignment with the Australian Labor Party. It was first published in 1912.

The 7322nd edition was its last edition in 1936. Richard Summer, a member of the Queensland Legislative Council was its sole supporter. He did a lot for this newspaper.

Final Verdict

This article deals with the 10 best newspapers published in Brisbane of all time. At present, there are four major newspapers in Brisbane. They are The Courier-Mail, The Brisbane Times, The Sunday Mail, and The Catholic Leader. However, this article will help you know some of the greatest newspapers that are/were published in Brisbane.