Things to know about the Republic of Bulgaria

Bulgaria FlagThe country is located in southeastern Europe. The Black Sea borders it to the east. Serbia and North Macedonia to the west, Romania to the north, Greece and Turkey to the south, and Plovdiv Burgas and Varna. It's a big country. Its total area is 42,855 miles. It is the only parliamentary country in the world with 27 provinces. It has a high level of politics, economic centralization and administration.

Bulgaria is a member of NATO, the European Union and the Council of Europe. Bulgaria has won three UN seats. Bulgaria's economy is dependent on industrialization, mining, machine-building and agriculture. It is a middle-income developing country

The predominant religion in Bulgaria is Eastern Orthodox Christianity. It claimed by the collective ethnic group. These Bulgarians are followers of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church. The nation's just official language is Bulgarian. Most of the Bulgarian people speak Bulgarian. It utilized at all degrees of society. It is a Slavic language. Its nearest relative is Macedonian. The written strategy of Bulgarian is Cyrillic. Serbian, Russian, and Ukrainian utilize it.


The capital of Bulgaria is Sofia. It is the largest city in the country. It situated close to the Balkans region. The Sofia Basin is a valley in the west of the country. Sofia is full with agriculture zone of foods, fruits and by dairy farming, and it is associated with neighboring towns by streets. Sofia is additionally the focal point of rail traffic and Bulgarian air. Tramways, trolleybuses, are local transports. The primary established institutions in Sofia are the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

Things to do in Bulgaria

Nessebar is a beautiful ancient city with small parks, archaeological remains, historic architecture, local bars and a church that inspire visitors.
The world's most important heritage site, The Rila Monastery, is also found in Bulgaria. The air here is so fresh that people give examples of it.
The heart of Bulgaria is called The Saint Alexander Naveski Cathedral Church. A unique thing about it is that pictures cannot be captured here.
Scuba diving site adventurous, a place where mountains, black seas and forests can observeThe Shuman Monument considered being the largest in Bulgaria. Its tower is above the landscape.
Plovdiv old town is a place where you can take yourself to museums and antique shops.
Vitosha mountain, a place where adventurers come. It is the third highest peak in Bulgaria at 7513 feet; there are more than 4500 caves in the country. Tourists visit these caves.