Brief information about Canada

Canada is a North American country consisting of ten provinces and three territories. The capital of this country is Ottawa. But its biggest city is Toronto. Canada is the second largest country in the world by area. The total area of this country is 9.98 million square kilometers. This country covers 41 percent of the entire North American territory. The country has a border of 8891 kilometers with the United States, which is the longest bi-national border in the world.

The total population of the country is 37.59 million. The official languages of Canada are English and French. It achieved independence from the United Kingdom. The country has a federal parliamentary and constitutional monarchy. The present king here is Charles III (king of the UK) and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. The Canadian legislature is bicameral. The upper house is called the Senate and the lower house is called the House of Commons.

Canada Collage

Canada is a very beautiful country. Canada is called the country of the maple leaf because of the large number of maple trees grown here. More than 13 species of maple trees are found in different forests of Canada. It is a winter-dominated country and is covered in snow for eight months of the year. It has snow in winter and wet fog and bitter cold in summer.

Canada's economy is based on a variety of services. Three out of four people are associated with service sectors. It is one of the richest countries in the world. Because of this, the standard of living here is very high. Canada is very open to immigration. This country is at the top in terms of immigration.

Canada is an ideal place for tourists from different countries. Notable tourist spots are CN Tower, Stanley Park, Royal Ontario Museum, Art Gallery of Ontario, Banff National Park, Casa Loma, Jasper National Park of Canada, Toronto Islands, Peyto Lake, Capilano Suspension Bridge Park, etc. Learn about the document you need to travel in Canada.

Canada and Bangladesh relations

The Bangladesh-Canada relationship dates back to the birth of Bangladesh. During the liberation war of Bangladesh, the Canadian government and the media were on the side of Bangladesh. Canada recognized Bangladesh as an independent and sovereign country on 14 February 1972. Since then, friendly relations between these two countries have existed. Both Canada and Bangladesh are members of the United Nations and the Commonwealth.

Bangladesh appointed an ambassador to Canada in 1972 and after one year in 1973, Canada appointed their ambassador to Bangladesh. The diplomatic relations between these two countries mainly focus on issues such as immigration, development cooperation, regional security, investment, and trade.

Since Bangladesh gained independence in 1971, Canada has provided multi-faceted cooperation to Bangladesh. Among these, education, health, rehabilitation, water management, agriculture, and rural development are notable. The import and export of various products within Bangladesh and Canada have increased many times compared to the previous years.

Bangladesh exports various types of products to Canada, among which garments and textile products, shoes, leather products, fish, furniture, and ceramic products are notable. On the other hand, Bangladesh also imports many necessary products from Canada, including oil, seeds, fruits, grains, fertilizers, iron, steel, various types of equipment, lighting equipment, medical equipment, technology equipment, paper, wood, coal, electrical goods, etc.

Besides, Canada provides many privileges to Bangladesh in terms of education and culture. Every year more than a hundred Bangladeshi students go to study in various educational institutions. Apart from this, the good relationship between Canada and Bangladesh in the field of defense is worth seeing.

Bangladeshi Community in Canada

Like other countries, Canada also has a Bangladeshi community. People of Bangladeshi origin who have citizenship and permanent residence in Canada are known as Canadian Bangladeshis. Most Canadian Bangladeshis live around Greater Toronto.

It is not possible to say exactly how many people of Bangladeshi origin are living in Canada. Even after that, a rough idea can be obtained from some previous statistics. According to a 2011 statistic, roughly 34,000 Bangladeshi Canadians were living in Canada, although some statistics show less.

However, according to another statistic from 2016, there are 50,000 to 100,000 Canadians of Bangladeshi origin living in Canada. That is, there is no doubt that the number of Bangladeshi Canadians in Canada has increased significantly in the last few years.

Due to Bangladesh's friendly diplomatic relations with Canada, a significant number of Bangladeshis immigrate to Canada every year for education or employment. Bangladeshi Canadians are playing a more or less role in education, culture, science, technology, economy, and almost all fields in Canada.

Who are the famous Bangladeshis in Canada?

Many Bangladeshi Canadians are recognized for their work at home and abroad. You must have heard the name Rafiqul Islam, a Canadian citizen of Bangladeshi origin. Some of the famous Bangladeshi Canadians are:

Rafiqul Islam (1953-2013): He was a language activist who worked continuously for the recognition of February 1 as International Mother Language Day. He was awarded the Freedom Award in 2016, three years after his death, for showing such love for his mother tongue and his tireless work towards its recognition.

Amit Chakma (1959-present): He is also known as Amitabh Chakma to some people. He is a chemical engineer and academician. He was appointed as the tenth president of the University of Western Ontario in 2009. Amit's goal as president is to make this university among the top 100 universities. He obtained several awards: Doctor of Engineering from the University of Waterloo in 2010, Lifetime Achievement Award from the University of British Columbia in 2015, and Doctor of Science from Dhaka University in 2017.

Dolly Begum (1989-present): She is a Canadian politician of Bangladeshi origin. Dolly Begum is the first Bangladeshi elected to the Parliament of Canada. She was elected as New Democratic Party MP in 2018.

Lutfar Rahman Riton (1961-present): He is a Bangladeshi rhymer. His poems and rhymes became widely popular in the late 20th century. The notable books published by him are Dhuttari, Dhaka Amar Dhaka, Upasthitha Sudhibrinda, etc. His notable awards are Sikandar Abu Zafar Literary Award, Agrani Bank Shishu Sahitya Award, Dhaka University Award, and Bangla Academy Award.

What is the contribution of Canadian Bangladeshis to the economy of Canada?

The role of Canadian Bangladeshis in Canada's economy is essential. At present, the number of Canadian Bangladeshis is around 100,000. They are engaged in various professions. There are many successful entrepreneurs among Canadian Bangladeshis who are playing an important role in Canada's economy.

Many Bangladeshi restaurants in Canada are founded and managed by Canadian Bangladeshis. The notable restaurants are Chowk Bazaar South Asian Eatery, Dhaka Biryani House, Madina grill, Adda Bengali kitchen and catering, Appayon Cuisine, etc. Multinational people can be seen in these restaurants.

In addition, countless Bangladeshi Canadians are connected to the legal, health, and various service sectors. Most people moving from Bangladesh to Canada are highly educated. These Canadians of Bangladeshi origins have an outstanding role in Canada's economy and national development.