Cape Verde: The Mysterious Tiny island

Cape Verde Flag Cape Verde which is officially called the Republic of Cabo Verde is an island country in African that was a no-mans island till Portuguese colonization took control over it in the 15th century.

This country is surrounded by the sea has a lot of natural beauty. It became independent in the fourth quarter of the 20th century.

Population, Capital

It is populated with only around 500k people. The country has a unitary semi-presidential Government system.

Paria is located on the south coast and is the capital of this very tiny country. Most of the people in and around the capital city.

Language & Religion

The country was under the ruling of Portuguese colonization and Portuguese is still the official language of the country. The natives also speak a different version of the language is known as Cape Verdean Creole. A lot of people can speak English though.

Most of the people are catholic and there are some other Christians.

People outside of the Country

It is an unusual fact that more people live outside of the country than the people who live in the country. Most people live as immigrants in different states of the USA and many also live in different countries of Europe such as Italy and many cities in the UK.

Sea & Animals

Since it is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, there are a lot of sea animals that can be found here. It is a cozy space for turtles. Many whales come here to breed in the spring.


The beaches and blue sea make increase the significances of the country when it comes to tourism. To witness the amazing beauty of sea you must visit the country. It is also a very inexpensive place to visit and food and culture are amazing. People are also very friendly which gives the tourist a memorable experience.

Power and Energy

The has developed a lot of windmills for energy. It produces an enormous amount of solar energy that meets the need of the country. They don’t have to seek electricity outside.

Unique Facts

• This country has a lot of volcanoes underneath.
• It is one of the wealthiest countries in Africa still it is considered as a third world country.
• They have their kind of dance called morna.
• This country is good at basketball.
• Despite of such a small country it has 5 international airports along with seaports.
• Here You can find a new type of plant is uncovered in every 10 days.