Things to know about China

China FlagThe People's Republic of China (中华人民共和国) is located in East Asia covering the land of 9.6 million square kilometers approximately and coastline of 14,500 kilometers approximately from the north to Bohai gulf to the south Gulf of Tonkin.It is considered the fourth largest country on the behalf of its land covering area and it has the biggest number of population approximately 1.4 billion and ranked most populous country.

China is consisting of 22 provinces Qinghai, Sichuan, Heilongjiang, Gansu, Yunnan, Hunan, Shaanxi are some of the biggest provinces. Majority of the people belongs to Buddhism, Folklore, Confucianism and Taoism there. China is sharing boarders with 14 countries the capital city of China is Beijing having the population of 21.54 million approximately.

Main Economy

China has the world’s 2nd largest second economy since 2010 in terms of nominal GDP and in 2018 it was 13.5 billion dollars in Yuan 90 trillion dollars according to the World Bank since 2014. China is the largest economy in the world their GDP has reached to 13.6 trillion dollars from 150 billion dollars in 40 years. China is largest exporter and second largest importer around the world and contribution to GDP by China is 25% to 39% from 2010-2019.

Main economy of China is manufacturing of Energy generations, Green Energy, Automobiles, electronics, banking, telecommunication, e-commerce, real state and tourism. China is also the owner of world’s three largest stock exchangers Shanghai, Shenzhen and Hong Kong out of ten and have more than 10 trillion dollars market capitalization. Since 2010 China is ranked number one largest manufacturer country and also 2nd highest high-tech manufacturing country from past 18 years.


China has reached to construct total number of 142.500 kilometers of road networks, highways and national highways, commonly in urban areas people still use bicycles as a transport there are over 470 million. It has one of the most-busiest railway system and longest HSR network.


China has one the finest banking system. In 2018 Industrial and commercial Bank of china, Agricultural Bank of China, China construction Bank and Bank of China were rated the largest in the world and holds up to 40.6 trillion dollars in the banking system.


There are number of 400 million student approximately in China and most of them typically starts education at the age of two and there is 99% rate of the attendance for primary schools according to Ministry of education, for the degree courses students has risen up to 5 million in previous decade.