Costa Rica (Tico): Where the Sun is the Perfect Clock

Costa Rica FlagThe Republic of Costa Rica mostly known as Costa Rica is an amazing country. And it is situated in the Central American region. As it is located near to to the equator, the dawn and setting sun are to be anticipated at the same time each day.

The nation has its individual traditions. It has an enriched heritage, sight scenes, and culture has versatility.

Democracy, Capital & Language

It is a free nation that has a Unitary presidential republic government.

San Jose is the capital of the country. It is the largest and the most developed city in the country

Spanish is the official language here. Few more languages are also spoken by the natives.

Population & Economy

It is a small country and it is populated with around 5 million people.

The country’s economy is getting better. Their financial system is based on travel and leisure, agriculture along with electronics export products.

Traditional farm exports connected with bananas, java, sugar, in addition to beef are the backbone with its commodity-driven export economic system, but Fondeadero Rica is additionally one of Core America's most favored ecotourism places and a great exporter for medical products and other high-value-added goods and services.

Health and Education

The country is constantly improving in the health sector with qualified medical professionals. The life expectancy is almost 80 years here.There is a specific place here called Blue zone on the planet, where lifetime is substantially longer compared to the rest of the planet. Nicoya inside Costa Natural is one of these kinds of places. Centenarians are not abnormal here, and a lot of the regional residents can live to 90.

A large number of Public & private universities are providing quality education in different faculties, & subjects. The literacy rate is more than 95% here.


As Americans are the major nationality of travelers coming below, there’s likewise an increasing volume of other intercontinental tourists who have to discover the involving Costa Saludable.

Nearly several million tourists alike arrive each year, which has built tourism as among the leading income sources for natives.People are very welcoming and friendly here.

Unique Facts

• They produce and export a lot of bananas.
• A special type of lizard is found here that is named is after Jesus Crist.

Costa Rica is certainly known as a fantastic vacation destination, offering amazing scenery from shorelines to mountain tops to outstanding rain and also cloud woodlands, with a different climate which often that always a good time to visit the country.