Croatia: A Country of Architectural Beauty

Croatia FlagCroatia is officially the Republic of Croatia is a fantastic country in Europe, full of wonderful facts. For example, if you tear down the world map into two halves a city of this country would be in the middle named Ludbreg.

The country has a Uni parliamentary constitutional government system.

Population & Capital

The country is populated with only 4 million people.

Zagreb is the capital of the country today, Nevertheless, both Nin on the Dalmatian coast along with Varazdin from the north are capitals in the past in history.

Economy & Language

The country has different sectors of income sources. Agriculture generates a lot of income. Croatia has the highest possible number of UNESCO Intangible Pieces of any specific European countryside. They also earn a lot of money from the technological sector and tourism.

The official languages are Croatian. But they can also speak English.


The educational system of this country is very enriched. The literacy is more od less 100% here. They have more than eight public universities. Some of them were built in the early 20th century.

Because of versatility in geographical position, Croatia represents a mixture of a few different cultures.

Culture & Arts

Because of versatility in geographical position, Croatia represents a mixture of a few different cultures.

The particular Pula Area is the name in the amphitheater positioned in Pula, Croatia. The World is the simply remaining Aventure amphitheater to possess four aspect towers with all three Both roman architectural requests entirely conserved.

The smallest Town

Croatia is home to the fact that was once the tiniest town on the globe in the Guinness Book involving Records. This town called “Hum” has inhabitants of merely 17 persons!

The Game of thrones fact

For them who are fans of the great tv series Game of Thrones: Right now you probably know the particular uber-popular HBO series has been filmed around the coast regarding Croatia inside Split and also Dubrovnik. Nowadays, visitors may also tour several filming internet sites!


Different types of sports are played in the country. Many athletes have participated in the Olympics and other international tournaments. Football is quite popular in the country. They have won the runner-up trophy in the last football world cup.

If you want to see the most beautiful sunset in the world you should visit Croatia.