Cyprus: The Country with Heritage & History

Cyprus Flag Cyprus is also known as the Republic of Cyprus, it is an excellent sight-seeing country in the European region and it is also closely connected with Asian nations. They have no land bordering nations around. The residents of this areaare referred to as Cypriot.

Democracy, Capital and Language

It is a free nation that has a Unitary presidential constitutional Government system.

Nicosia is the capital of the country and also it is the largest city in the country. Cyprus capital regarding Nicosia has been officially known as Ledra inside Ancient Times

It is a multi-lingual, multi-cultural in addition to multi-religious land. Official languages are Greek and Turkish. Many people are also fluent in English.

Population and Economy

This is a small country and the country is populated with only around 1 million people.

The country earns from different sectors. Some main sectors would be like: Cultivation, Cement, Substances, Fishing, Foods Processing, Mining or prospecting, Non-Electric powered Machinery, Oil Refining, Materials and Apparel, Tourism, Wine beverage Making. MAJOR EXPORTS: Asbestos friction material, Cement, Compounds, Cigarettes, Lemon or lime Fruits, Shoes or boots, Potatoes, Homemade wine.


Cyprus has a very developed approach to primary and also secondary education and learning to offer the two public and personal education. The product quality of training can be ascribed in part that nearly 7 percent of the GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT is allocated to education making Cyprus one of many tops about three spenders regarding education inside the EU.

Wine Production

Having a wine historical past spanning more than 5000 many years, the nice Commandaria takes satisfaction of location as one of the earliest wines on the planet still within production. Now, there are above 50 wineries dotted around the island where one can taste that which was once acclaimed ‘the present of the gods’.

Goddess of Love

Legend has it that Greek empress of love–Aphrodite–was born in Cyprus. The region is also named the toy store of the Gods. Aphrodite is considered to have blossomed from an ordinary at Latchi (now labeled Aphrodite’s beach) in Fuelle Crysochous. Given that the ocean hills crush about this are fun, they variety pillars of froth that imitate the empress of love.

A large total involving three UNESCO World Historical past Sites in the land, including the village of Paphos.
Nowadays Cyprus is the main tourist location in the Mediterranean sea.