Dominica: The Country with Volcano & Boiling Lake

Dominica FlagThe Commonwealth of Dominica mostly known as Dominica is an amazing Caribbean country. Dominica is a very small mountainous tropical island nation from the Caribbean coast. There is some volcano underneath.

Democracy, Capital & Language

It is a free nation that has a Unitary Parliamentary republic government.

Roseau is the capital of the country. It is the largest and the most developed city in the country.

English is the official language here. French is also spoken by the natives.

Population & Economy

It is a small country and it is populated with around 70k people.

The economy of Dominica is reliant when agriculture, especially bananas, while using the financial companies industry getting increasingly the island's largest revenue stream. Banana manufacturing employs, indirectly, upwards of a third of the employees.

Though the service portion has recently overtaken agriculture being the leading boss of Dominicans due generally to progress in trip& traveling and free-trade zones, Intuition remains the main element sector relating to domestic make use of and is together with the second set (behind mining) in terms of exportation earnings.

Herbal Drugs

The very first inhabitants of your island, the exact Caribs, sometime later it was the Africans, brought cardiovascular knowledge of flowers and herbal plants. Luckily, most of that experience has been passed on generation just after generation, plus herbs for instance Moringa, dandelion, basil, and there are more are still utilized today around what’s known as “bush medicinal drugs”.

Boiling Lake

Hot water Lake is only one of the most famous regions on the island. It previously was discovered in the 19th century and is technically a well-flooded fumarole in a volcanic crater. The very lake standard water takes on styles depending on the localized volcanic actions.


Additionally spectacular islands and volcanoes, Dominica carries with it an extraordinarily wide variety of rivers. Many are cool and even clear purple; some are swiftly and gloomy; all of them are between exotic flowers and plants.


Cricket is very popular. People play beach cricket a lot. The Caribbean team west Indis takes part in different international tournaments. The national team has won the ICC world cup several times. Even the female team has also won the world cup trophy.They also play basketball, rugby, etc.

Many athletes have participated in many international tournaments such as the Olympics and won trophies.

Nowadays a lot of people come here to enjoy the beaches and to have adventure travel experience.