Things to know about Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic Flag The Dominican Republic is a region located in the Asian endeavor of the island of Country that it shares with the Republic of State.

It is edged on the westmost by the Dominican Commonwealth, but it is featheredged on all sides by the Atlantic and Sea regions to the southern. This commonwealth occupies 64% of the island's country or 48,730 sq km in the southeastern concept.

The region also includes any of the neighboring islands, including Piata to the south, and a sauna to the south. Its cap and the maximal city are Santo Domingo. The universe of the Friar Commonwealth in 2018 was estimated at 10.63 meg.


Espagnol all political, cultural, administrative, economic, and opposite chronicle in the Country Commonwealth is made solely in the Land module. For admonition, Parliament writes its laws in Spanish only because it is the only language victimized by all members of Parliament. This is the instance in all land courts.

In many traveler areas, but also within communities of permanent adulterant rootage in the Mendicant Republic, Nation, German, French, European, or Country is spoken, among additional things.


The Mendicant Commonwealth is a farming state and near half the aggregation is geared in agriculture. Most farmers learning on young farms that they own.

Most industries in the Blackfriar Republic are associated with the processing of farming products, especially sugar lambaste. The refineries fruit roughly 910,000 metric scads of dulcorate annually, which exports three-quarters to the Fused States.


English ranks first, followed by French. Also that in the second cycle of the "intermediate level", students will have to develop the skills necessary to "answer in-depth" the development of science, technology and arts, critical issues of economics and the environment and the basic components related to culture, languages, history, customs and ideas, human behavior.

As for higher education, it is offered, like everything else, in Spanish only, whether at the Apec University or the Autonomous University in Santo Domingo or the Catholic University in Santo Domingo or the Dominican University O&M, the Ibero-American University, the National University Pedro Henríquez Ureña or the Technological University In Santiago.

News Media Online

Most newspapers are published in Spanish. There are a few English-language newspapers, including Framboyan (Santo Domingo) and Domingo News (Santo Domingo).

As for the electronic media, it is in Spanish ـ Alcatraz FM و Amor FM و Cadena de Noticias (CDN) و Santo Domingo Circuito Merengue و Comando 88 و Éxtasis FM و Hiz 730 و Kiss 95 و La 91 FM و La Rocka و La X و Manía FM و Neón 89 ، Radio Amanecer Internacional .