Finland: The Happiest Country in the World

Finland FlagThe Republic of Finland is also known as FINLAND is a country with lots of natural beauties, a better quality of life. It is located in the northern European region.It is a very peaceful country. They have the cleanest air to breathe. Also, they are one of the happiest countries not only in Europe but also in the world.

Democracy, Capital & Language

It is a free nation that has a unitary parliamentary republic government.

Helsinki is the capital of the country. This considered the largest city in the country. A large number of people live in the capital. The city has a better quality of life and the city is renowned all over the world.

Finnish is the official and national language here. But the Swedish language is also quite popular

Population & Economy

It is a quite large country and it is populated with only around 5 million people. The population density is quite low here in comparison to other countries.

This country has a very industrialized, mainly free-market overall economy. Number one industries happen to be electronics (21. 6 percent), machinery, motors, and other developed metal supplements (21. 2 percent), fixed industry (13. 1 percent), and nasty chemicals (10. some percent). Finland has a solid wood and several stone material and freshwater resources. They earn a good sum of money from tourism.

Health, Education & Technology

Medical care in this country is similar throughout quality with other developed countries. Life expectancy is more than 80 years here.

Their education sector is very much improved here. More than 90% of students go to the government schooling system. There is an abundance of opportunities for both native and international students. A large number of students come here each year from different countries in the world. The literacy rate is almost 100% here.

They have contributed a lot in the field of science and technology. The cities are well developed. They have built a very good infrastructure. They are quite popular in the field of scientific innovation. The government also supports the universities and institutions for scientific researches.

Light & Midnight Sun

These kinds of spectacular activities can become experienced in this land. During the wintertime, you can see the particular Northern Lighting, and also go through the Polar night time in the North parts of the country. It may be the darkest months in the year and then for several weeks the sunlight won’t surge.And the reverse occurs in summer if the sun never sets, also called the midnight sun.T

hey also have some biggest lake with sweet water and mesmerizing view of mountainsFor all these reasons many people come here to visit each year.