Greece: The Land of Democracy

Greece Flag The Hellenic Republic is also known as Greece is a country with a lot of historical evidence, and traditions. The country is situated in the southern European regions. The capital of the country is one of the earliest civilized cities. Even democracy started from right here. Greek mythology is still so famous & there is a lot of books written about it.

Democracy, Capital & Language

It is a free nation that has a unitary parliamentary republic government.

Athens is the capital of this country. It is considered the largest city in the country. A lot of people live here.

Greek is the official and national language here.

Population & Economy

This country is populated with around 10 million people.Greece’s overall economy is based on the particular service industry (85%) along with industry (12%), while the farm sector is made up of only 3% of the countrywide economic result. The most important economical industries inside Greece are usually tourism in addition to merchant ships. Some main market sectors are travel, shipping, business products, as well as tobacco handling, textiles, substances, metal merchandise, mining along with petroleum.

Ancient Language

The Greek language and vocabulary are unique and possess continuously recently been used for greater than 5000 yrs. This makes it the particular oldest composed language continue to in existence, at the very least when you’re looking at archeological findings.

Often the Greek Vocabulary has also inspired The English language as well as other languages together with several thousands of words.


The country is quite good at sports. Their national football team made it to the final round of international football world cup. They have produced a lot of world-class players who play in renowned clubs and leagues all over the world. Many athletes have participated in international tournaments like the Olympics and won medals.They also play volleyball, handball, and polo.

Land of Philosophy

Athens is the place where philosophy was studied preciously. The greatest philosopher like Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle was born here. They knew the inner strength of mindfulness and they shared their wisdom of lives to others. Greek invented the theater.

Unique Facts

• They hosted the first Olympic tournament.
• There a lot of varieties in their traditional dances.
• They have more than 15k kilometers of coastline.
• Almost all of the citizens are greek originated which is rare in other countries.
• They produce a great number of sea sponges.

This country is amazing and beautiful. There are at least 2000 islands to visit. The food in the country is very delicious & several dishes are very popular worldwide. A large number of tourists visit the country each year to have an amazing holiday trip.