Things to know about Guatemala

Guatemala Flag Guatemala is a country in Bifocal Earth with a realm of 108,889 angulate kilometers, real nearly triplex nowadays littler than Mexico, notwithstanding multiple present bigger than Belgique. Guatemala is circumscribed toward the westside and region by Mexico, the assets are Guatemala Metropolis, Ciudad.

The greatest city in the prohibitionist is Guatemala (Ciudad), with a public of solon than 2.3 million individuals. Other most significant urban communities are Kizaltenango (103,631 occupants), the business and modern focus, Puerto Barrios (39,379 occupants), the primary ocean port on the west coast, at that point Mazatenango and Antigua.

The name Guatemala will originate from the word Nahuatl Coactlmoctl-lan, which signifies "the place where there is a fledgling that eats snakes.


Spanish 60%, Native American dialects 40% (in excess of 20 Native American dialects). As per the Academy of Mayan Languages in Guatemala, there are 21 Mayan dialects authoritatively recorded, and by an administration, order dated November 23, 1987, every one of these dialects has an official letter set. The Mayan language is really a semantic family with around thirty etymological sorts spoken in a huge piece of Guatemala, yet additionally in Mexico and in specific areas


The farming area represents about a fourth of GDP, 66% of fares, and half of the workforce. The fundamental items are espresso, sugar and bananas. Make a program for monetary advancement and political modernization.


L'alphabétisation est un perspective significant des programs d'éducation et de arrangement de base, le taux d'analphabétisme chez les personnes de in addition to de 15 ans dépassant 52%. In addition, de 23% des analphabètes vivent en zone urbaine et 77% en zone rurale.

Dans la répartition standard sexe, 44% étaient des hommes et 56% des femmes. La loi sur l'alphabétisation contient 19 articles en in addition to de nombreuses airs transitoires.

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As to media, the indigenous individuals are still entirely powerless, as the Spanish language is universal, regardless of whether in the electronic or composed press. The administration proposed conceding the option to utilize five AM limit adjustments for a time of fifteen years to a board of trustees of common society associations that would incorporate associations speaking to indigenous people groups. This proposition is right now under exchange.

Simultaneously, the consistent allotment of radio frequencies by closeout keeps on causing disappointment and dissatisfaction among indigenous associations, which they can't get and are along these lines at last denied of the fundamental methods for articulation, particularly in provincial regions.