Things to know about Hong Kong

Hong Kong Flag Hong Kong is a metropolitan rea considered under the territory of China. It has one of the lowest populations of 7.5 million covering land of 1.104 square kilometers After the Qing Empire, Hong Kong became a part of British Empire and in 1860 this colony expanded to the Kowloon Peninsula after the second Opium war.

In 1898 it was further expanded when British obtained new territories for 99 years. After completing its time period of 99 years on lease Hong Kong became part of China in 1997, but Hong Kong kept economic and governing system separated from China.


Throughout Hong Kong is a smaller country but it is 9th biggest importer and 10th biggest exporter in the world, 8th most traded economy and it is called Hong Kong Dollar. Hong Kong is the homeland of the billionaires and ranked 2nd in the world for that and also ultra-high net worth individuals. Hong Kong has highest per capital income.

Hong is very highly developed country ranked 35th in the world’s largest economy having 74 billion US dollars in nominal GDP approximately and settled on 4th number on United Nation Human Development Index, Skyscrapers can be seen in the largest in numbers in the comparison of any other city in the world. Hong Kong is from one of those countries having highest life expectancies throughout the world and got name on 6th in the Global Financial Centers Index, 4th in Asia.


Education is priority for any nation, Hong Kong knows that pretty well their education system is largely modelled and they mostly focus on English System. Students in Hong Kong stars their education at the age of 6 and complete their lower secondary at the age of 18 mostly and take public examination that get them awarded Diploma of Secondary Education. Number of completion is 81.3% from lower secondary and 66.4% graduated from higher secondary and 24% earned bachelor’s degree, literacy rate is remarkable of 95.7%.


Hong Kong is counted in the best transport networks in the world. People of Hong Kong use 90% of local transport for their daily trips and that made it the highest number in the world for usage. Contactless smart payment and Octopus cards are widely used on railways, ferries and buses. The (MRT) Mass Transit Railway has extensive railway network it connects around 93 metro stations in the whole Hong Kong’s territory. The daily ridership has massive number of more than five million, there are more than 500 thousand as private registered vehicles in Hong kong but most of the traffic can be seen as public transport.