Iceland: A peaceful Island

Iceland Flag It is a small European country which is also an island. This is the most peaceful country in the world. People are sober and the crime is the lowest.

This is the country of versatility and full of natural beauties and amazing sight scenes.

Population and Capital

The country is populated with only around 350k people and most of them(almost 60%) live in the capital.

Reykjavik is the capital and it is also the largest city in the country.

Economy & Language

The main income-generating sector of the country is the Fishing sector. This county’s GDP is at the top of the list. They earn a lot of money from the tourism sector nowadays.

Icelandic is the official language. But everyone is fluent in English here. So communication is not a problem here.

Land of Versatility

Research shows that 11% of the land area is obscured by glaciers! The rocks are one of the primary attractions in Iceland.Also, there are few active volcanoes underneath the country. Iceland was just lately ranked one of many eco-friendliest nations around the world as almost all of the electrical energy developed by using renewable energy sources.

Trees Are Gone

This specific interesting simple truth is also most of the things about Iceland that’s not too idyllic. Ahead of the Vikings plundered Iceland, 45 percent in the nation has been covered inside trees. Still they necessary all the woods to build residences, boats, and clear terrain for harvesting. Now, that will number is merely 2 percent, although reforestation efforts are ongoing.


Icelanders love to enjoy sports which includes football, hockey, volleyball and also horseback riding, yet did you know the particular national activity of Iceland is handball

Unique Facts

• Drinking of Coca–Cola which is a carbonated beverage for each capita is higher than in the other nation.
• Icelanders view more films than every other nation.
• Mosquitoes and others cannot be found in Iceland.