The 22 Best Indian Restaurants in Leicester for spicy aromatic dining experience

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There are various Indian eateries in Leicester that provide authentic, flavorful food. Traditional to contemporary, the city's restaurants are appreciated by both locals and visitors. Some are family-owned, whilst others are part of huge restaurant franchises. These restaurants, which can be found all across the city, each have their unique specialties.

Leicester has the highest Indian population of any local authority in the United Kingdom. So it's no wonder that the city is brimming with excellent Indian eateries. The world-famous Golden Mile is home to some of the country's best curry places, as well as a variety of Asian cuisine, apparel, and jewelry stores, all of which contribute to a fantastic Indian experience.

Looking for a place to eat in Leicester? You are fortunate. This city has much to offer, and most of it is also student-friendly! In addition, Leicester has a nice mix of eateries, ranging from cafés and restaurants serving inexpensive student meals to some sophisticated cuisine best suited for a treat or a party, featuring foods from all over the world!

Whether you prefer a mild korma or a fiery jalfrezi, there's no doubting the appeal of a curry. It's an excellent pick for a great Indian supper. With so many Indian restaurants in Leicester, you'll be spoiled for choice. So, where should you go to? So, we looked at numerous prominent sites, and these are the top Indian restaurants in Leicester, according to reviewers.

The 22 Best Indian Restaurants in Leicester

Here is a list of 22 best Indian restaurants in Leicester:

01. Heritage India

Try something out of the ordinary from Indian food. This restaurant serves excellently cooked paneer, lamb curry, and chicken tikka. Waiters, according to visitors, provide great ice cream here. Take advantage of the opportunity to sample fine wine or delightful beer.

Takeout is available at Heritage India. Its main advantages are the cool service and the expert staff. This restaurant serves meals at reasonable pricing. The exquisite décor and pleasant atmosphere make guests feel at ease.
Address: 328-330 Welford Rd, Leicester LE2 6EH, United Kingdom

02. Kayal

In 2005, a foodie soldier founded Kayal. They care about healthy eating and classic cuisine. In a short period of time, they demonstrated that there is a chance for success if you can provide nutritious meals with fresh ingredients in a nice environment.

Kayal noted in the history of the UK restaurant industry that economic and industrial downturns cannot destroy an institution led by enthusiastic professionals. Kayal, the first real Kerala seafood specialty, has become the most renowned among British people, and this family-run restaurant has become a favourite with commitment and enthusiasm for delicious cuisine.
Address: 153 Granby St, Leicester LE1 6FE, United Kingdom

03. Spice Bazzar

Take a break at this restaurant and get excellently cooked king prawns, soup, and peshwari naan. Don't pass up this chance to drink some great beer. Coffee aficionados would enjoy it.

Spice Bazzar is easy to find because of its convenient location. According to the remarks left by visitors, the personnel at this establishment is inventive. Visitors appreciate the excellent service provided here. The prices at this restaurant are said to be reasonable. The wonderful atmosphere and amazing design will undoubtedly appeal to you.
Address: 326 Welford Rd, Leicester LE2 6EH, United Kingdom

04. Santhi Restaurant

It could be a good idea to visit this restaurant after touring Leicester Peoples Photographic Gallery. Visitors seeking favourable impressions are drawn to the Indian food. Santhi Restaurant's chef prepares delicious paneer, lamb tikka, and vindaloo. You will be served tasty draft beer. This restaurant serves a fantastic mango lassi.

This place is ideal for a wedding reception. The majority of guests find the personnel to be friendly. The service at this restaurant may be described as delightful. Prices are reasonable from the perspective of the guests. People may enjoy the stunning environment and exquisite design at Santhi Restaurant.
Address: 124 Granby St, Leicester LE1 1DL, United Kingdom

05. Chef and Spice

Indian food is available. Visitors to this restaurant have noted that it serves good Goan fish curry, lamb saag, and pizza salads. Fruit ice cream, cheesecakes, and cupcakes are all delicious. Many guests purchase nice beer or wine. Most likely, you'll revisit Chef and Spice later to sample some exquisite hot chocolate or mango lassi.

You may celebrate an anniversary, a wedding, or a birthday here. Its main advantages are the delightful service and the kind employees. The prices at this restaurant are said to be average. The stunning décor and great environment make guests feel at ease.
Address: 1 Andrewes St, Leicester LE3 5PG, United Kingdom

06. Paddy's Marten Inn

Paddy's Marten Inn has a long history. This restaurant was founded twenty years ago. They have been cooking and serving traditional Indian cuisine for generations. They have been and will continue to be dedicated to serving the best authentic Indian food to the people of Leicester and guests from farther afield.

All delicacies are prepared using fantastic family recipes, so you won't get the same taste anywhere else. They provide a large selection of vegetarian dishes, as well as seafood and meat dishes.
Address: 98 Martin St, Leicester LE4 6EU, United Kingdom

07. Nawaaz Indian Restaurant

If you're hungry after touring Victoria Park, stop by this restaurant. You will be given Indian food at Nawaaz Indian Restaurant. Good bhaji, king prawns, and tandoori chicken are recommended. The best desserts include vanilla ice cream, fruit ice cream, and mille-feuille. It is mandatory to order wonderful beer or nice wine while visiting this establishment. You'll be served delicious iced coffee, coffee with cream, or ice tea.

Customers can unwind after a long day at work thanks to the private ambiance of this establishment. The nice staff makes this restaurant so amazing. Visitors agree that the service is excellent. You will pay reasonable pricing for your meals. The décor is nice as well.
Address: 159 London Rd, Leicester LE2 1EG, United Kingdom

08. Chettinad Restaurant

After viewing Victoria Park, dine at Chettinad Restaurant. If you enjoy Indian cuisine, this restaurant is worth a visit. Chettinad Restaurant's winning formula is its delicious masala dosa, chicken biryani, and paneer. Ordering delicious ice cream is a pleasurable experience. You may come across remarks about how tasty marsala tastes here. Enjoy delicious mango lassi, juice, or tea.

Takeout is available at this restaurant. Many guests see the personnel as professional. These restaurant owners are concerned about providing quick service. In addition, visitors praise this restaurant because of its reasonable costs. The wonderful décor and comfortable atmosphere make customers feel at ease.
Address: 146C London Rd, Leicester LE2 1ED, United Kingdom

09. Mumbai Inn

It could be a good idea to go to this restaurant after touring New Walk Museum and Art Gallery. Customers like the Mumbai Inn's selection of Indian and Nepalese dishes. This restaurant is known for its delicious lamb tikka, pepper chicken, and king prawns. Many guests order exquisite wine, beer, or brandy. Mango lassi, according to several tourists, is delicious.

The favourable location makes it accessible by any mode of transportation. The polite staff is responsible for this restaurant's outstanding ratings. You will appreciate reasonable pricing. The lovely décor and peaceful environment make clients feel at ease.
Address: 1 De Montfort St, Leicester LE1 7GE, United Kingdom

10. Shimla Pinks

After visiting the New Walk Museum and Art Gallery, stay here for dinner. Here, you may try Indian food. It's a good idea to get delicious chili chicken, jalfrezi, and lamb rogan josh. The most popular beverages at this restaurant are delicious coffee and superb mango lassi. The most popular beverages at this restaurant are delicious coffee and superb mango lassi.

Many guests find the staff to be professional. The restaurant provides excellent service. As many reviews have stated, the decor is excellent. The relaxing ambiance will be exactly what you need after a long week at work.
Address: 65-69 London Rd, Leicester LE2 0PE, United Kingdom

11. Chutney Ivy

The Michelin-recommended Chutney Ivy delivers a delectable variety of pan-Indian cuisine. If you want classic Indian food with a modern touch, Chutney Ivy is the place to go. Chefs spent years researching the cuisine, which is a true voyage throughout the Indian subcontinent, from Bengal and Goa to the typical Muglai flavours of north India.

Every taste is provided with a variety of meat, seafood, and vegetarian meals. The restaurant's pre/post theatre buffet is spectacular, and its convenient location makes it an excellent stop before attending a performance.
Address: 41 Halford St, Leicester LE1 1TR, United Kingdom

12. Teli's Spicy

Visiting Welford Road Stadium requires time and effort. So if you become hungry, stop by this restaurant for a good lunch. Customers will like the Indian cuisine served here. You can get delicious paneer, naan, and lamb. Good beer may be had at Teli's Spicy.

This establishment is well-known for its excellent service and pleasant staff who are always available to help you. Prices are reasonable in the eyes of the guests. This restaurant has a lovely ambiance and elegant design.
Address: 144 Walnut St, Leicester LE2 7GR, United Kingdom

13. Herb

The Kerala Herbal Cuisine restaurant is entirely vegetarian and vegan, showcasing the fragrant spice-blended cuisine of Kerala. The ancient herbal cookery in Kerala inspired the entire school of vegetarian food. At Herb, they pay close attention to healthy culinary concepts and use the therapeutic component of spices and herbs in their cuisine for the customers.
Address: 96 Granby St, Leicester LE1 1DJ, United Kingdom

14. Mem-Saab

Mem-Saab is a must-visit if you prefer Indian food served by specialists and full of the most exquisite subtle flavours. You are greeted with a pleasant grin just outside the city centre. Nothing is too much bother for the new restaurant manager, who has just returned from a five-star hotel in New Delhi, and his team, as well as all of his customers, receive five-star care. The restaurant has a cozy atmosphere, with cool cream walls and warm browns, as well as a bar section with low-level seats.
Address: 98 Vaughan Wy, Leicester LE1 4SH, United Kingdom

15. Feast India

Choose from delicious mouthwatering kebabs, the hot specialised Indo-Chinese stir fry, Bombay street snacks, gigantic crispy Deep South pancakes, and delicacies from every region of India. They provide a wide variety of delectable foods to satisfy all palates. Their chefs make the best Indian cuisine by hand. The chefs prepare dishes using only the best ingredients, herbs, and spices. Dine in at our Bollywood-themed restaurant.
Address: 411 Melton Rd, Leicester LE4 7PA, United Kingdom

16. Shivalli

After visiting Leicester Peoples Photographic Gallery, dine at this nearby restaurant. Experience Indian and vegetarian dishes that combine many culinary traditions. It's a pleasure to order well-cooked paneer, broth, and vada. Try some delicious pancakes, gulab jamun, and pudding. Visitors come to Shivalli to taste the best mango lassi, juice, and coffee.

Many reviewers highlight how quick the staff is here. People praise the quickness of service in their reviews. At this restaurant, you will be pleasantly surprised by the reasonable costs. The gorgeous décor and peaceful environment make you feel at ease.
Address: 21 Welford Rd, Leicester LE2 7AD, United Kingdom

17. Chef's Flavour

Chef's Flavour is close to Abbey Park. If you've never experienced Indian cuisine, you may make a reservation and experience the menu at this restaurant. When you're in the area, stop into Chef's Flavour for expertly prepared butter chicken, lamb curry, and prawns.

The welcoming ambiance of this establishment allows customers to unwind and enjoy themselves. The friendly staff welcomes visitors all year. This restaurant is notable for its excellent service. You will find reasonable deals here.
Address: Memory Ln, Leicester LE1 3UL, United Kingdom

18. Shiv Sagar Veg Restaurant

Shiv Sagar is a wonderful Indian restaurant in Leicester. Visitors searching for a different experience are drawn to Indian food. Diners may try excellent naan, masala dosa, and paneer at this eatery. Do not quit without trying some delicious Falooda.

Shiv Sagar is ideal for tourists who need to eat quickly because they may order food for takeaway. According to the remarks left by visitors, the staff at this restaurant is innovative. Visitors here agree on the importance of prompt service. Prices are fair. Here you will find a relaxing atmosphere.
Address: 78/80 Belgrave Rd, Leicester LE4 5AS, United Kingdom

19. Vishal Restaurant

This restaurant has the potential to be very appealing to travellers. On the menu, you'll find excellent chili chicken, grilled lamb, and onion salads. Good kulfi is the recommended dish. Don't pass up this chance to drink some great beer.

You may order food to go to Vishal Restaurant. Throughout the year, the experienced staff welcomes visitors. People frequently mention spectacular service in their remarks. This establishment charges reasonable pricing. This restaurant has fantastic décor.
Address: 347 Catherine St, Leicester LE4 6GG, United Kingdom

20. Amaravathi South Indian Restaurant

Visit this eatery if you have to be near Belgrave Road. If you prefer Indian food, you can go to Amaravathi South Indian Restaurant. If you're hungry, come here for some delicious masala dosa, chicken tikka, and paneer. To make an opinion about this business, try some delicious pancakes.

This restaurant is well-known for its excellent service and pleasant staff who are always willing to serve you. Prices, according to visitors, are reasonable. This restaurant has a pleasant ambiance and beautiful design.
Address: 2-16 Loughborough Rd, Leicester LE4 5LD, United Kingdom

21. Sharmilee

Belgrave Road might be on your way by default. Customers recommend stopping at this restaurant. Sharmilee offers both Indian and vegetarian dishes. This restaurant's formula for success is its delicious paneer, paua, and soup. You'll be served tasty jalebi and a well-cooked curry dessert. One can try the excellent beer when visiting this location. Excellent coffee or lassi will entice you to return.

The staff is highly rated by most visitors. Clients appreciate the excellent service provided here. Prices are fair in the eyes of the visitors. People may appreciate the lovely environment and beautiful design at this restaurant.
Address: 71-73 Belgrave Rd, Leicester LE4 6AS, United Kingdom

22. Everest Dine

Everest Dine serves excellent Indian and Nepalese cuisine in a clean, fresh, and contemporary setting with soft lighting and a welcoming environment. Diners may choose from a broad menu of delectable foods. They have been providing diners with a balanced, flavourful, and delectable taste to remember.
Address: 61 Belgrave Gate, Leicester LE1 3HR, United Kingdom

Final Words

With so many Indian eateries around the city, Leicester has just about every type of curry available. Leicester also has a plethora of Indian buffet restaurants to pick from. Since it is difficult to pick a single restaurant from a plethora, we have provided the best-22 list. All the restaurants we have listed are up to the mark. So, the choice is yours where you will go.

Nowadays most Indian restaurants in Leicester offer online orders via websites or applications such as Deliveroo, Uber Eats, Just Eat, and others. So, place your order online or make a reservation for some tasty Indian cuisine.