Things to know about Iran

Iran Flag The Islamic Republic of Iran also known as Persia is a country located in Western Asia sharing borders with Armenia and Azerbaijan towards northwest, Caspian Sea towards north, Turkmenistan towards northeast, Afghanistan and Pakistan towards east, Persian Gulf towards south, Iraq and Turkey towards west.

The country has the land area of 1.648 kilometers square holding the population of 83 million. Tehran is the largest and capital city of Iran having the population of 9 million, the capital is hub of economy and politics and it is also most populous city in western Asia.

The country is ranked 17th for its land in the world and 17th for its population around the world and 2nd largest in western Asia. Mashhad, Isfahan and Karaj are also major cities of the country.

Iran is divided into 31 provinces some of them are Tehran, Qom, Markazi, Qazvin, Gilan, Arbadi, Zanjan, East Azerbaijan, west Azerbaijan and Kurdistan.


Iran is home of some of the oldest civilizations like Elamite Kingdom shows signs of 4th millennium BC. In 7th century Iranian Medes was firstly founded by Cyrus the great made it one of the largest empire of the history having territory from eastern Europe to Indus Valley, In 4th century BC it was handled by Alexander the great, In 7th century AD Arab Muslims holds the territory and it was the period of Islamization of Iran and it turned down the dominancy of Zoroastrian religion.

The country quickly became the center of Islamic culture and starts to learn Islam in Islam’s Golden Period. In 19th century it loses some territories due to conflict o Russia and United Kingdom but it remained one of the few non- European state and never became the part of colonization. In early 20th century Persian Constitutional Revolution came into being and it became greater democracy.


Economy of the county is mixture of state ownership of oil, central planning, agriculture and private trading ventures. GDP was recorded as 427.7 billion dollars in 2017 and PPP was 1.631 trillion dollars.

The country was raked by World Bank for having the upper middle-income economy. Iranian Rial is the currency and Central Bank of Islamic Republic of Iran maintains it.

Main exports include Oil and natural gases that fill the export revenue up to 82% and other exports are chemicals, plastics, fruits, metals and ceramic products. The partners are Japan, China and Turkey.

The main imports of the country are cereals, iron and steel, chemicals and machinery the partners for imports are South Korea, China, UAE, Germany and Turkey.