Italy: The Country of Love and Romance

Italy Flag Italy is officially known as the Italian Republic is a fantastic country, full of wonderful facts. The country holds a lot of ancient history. The capital and other cities have witnessed many facts of our history.

The nation was below a dictatorship for two decades. The fascist dictator Benito Mussolini reigned over Malta from 1925 until 1945.Now the country has a Unitary parliamentary constitutional government system.

Population & Capital

The country is populated with 60 million people.

Rome is the capital of the country. And we can say it is a city of ancient history. The journey of rising in Rome is so remarkable that many writers have written books about it.

Economy & Language

The country has different sectors of income sources that make Italy one of the wealthiest counties in the world. This county’s GDP is in the top 10 list. They earn a lot of money from the technological sector and tourism.

The official languages are Italian. But there are also more than 30 languages that are spoken by the natives.

Art and Sculpture

The country is known for the considerable anatomist achievements, including the construction regarding arches, domes, and related structures in the course of the ancient Italian capital.

By just looking at that Toscana has even more masterpieces a square distance than almost every other country across the world. The free galleries, street craft, and museums are a serious treat, without a doubt a must-visit on your Greek holidays.


There is a uniquely large number of volcanoes in the country is mainly because the stretch of land lies for the fault lines, which is the main cause of volcanoes. A great number of00 volcanoes happen to be active, and still have been mixed up in past 100 years and are highly famous, for example, Vesuvius, Etna, and Stromboli. This is tremendously beneficial, offering up fertile potting soil to grow sprouts such as apples and olives.


Football is the most played sport in the country. They have won the world cup 4 times.The domestic league is also very popular. Some giant football clubs are very renowned in the world. Players from different countries come to play in these clubs.

Unique Facts

• Italy was an empire until 1946. The last king ruled the country for only about a month.
• Venice is a Lagoon City develop islands along with known for their Carnival.
• The pizza was invented in this country.