Jamaica: The Land of The Fastest Men on Earth

Jamaica Flag Jamaica is one of the fewest island countries in the Caribbean Sea. It is a small country but very popular for its own unique cultures. A lot of famous people like Bob Marley, reggae were born here. They are very happy and enthusiastic people. They are well known for athletics, sports, and music.

Democracy, Capital & Language

It is a free nation that has a unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy government.

Kingston is the capital of the country. This considered the largest city in the country. A large number of people live in the capital.

English is the official language here. But the Jamaican patois is the national language and also quite popular. Once it used to be a Spanish spoken nation.

Population & Economy

It is a small country and it is populated with only around 3 million people.

This country’s economic sector is improving nowadays Travel is attached with remittances as Jamaica's top source involving revenue. Usually, the tourism sector earns more than half of the total money on the country's entire foreign exchange payments and provides with regards to one-fourth coming from all jobs in Jamaica.


This country is all about music. They have different categories of music and they have the highest number of per-capita music than any other country on earth.Besides, there are other types of new music produced in Discovery bay, Jamaica that is not indigene to the area, for example, go crazy, western, good ole', soul, hip-hop, jazz, rap, and R&B. And without a doubt, there are Jamaicans who solely produce rock 'n roll or country-western as a regular career.

The majority of the music made in Jamaica is produced by people from other countries. Record corporations often publish a new artisan in here, before releasing it internally because if the song strikes to the audience here in, Jamaica, the rest of the world will hook on

Fastest man in the world

Though the USA, and China have won the most Olympic gold medals, when it comes to sprints or running Jamaica exceeds them all. Usain Bolt, who is the fastest man in the world is from this country. Even the top 3 fastest men in the whole wide world from this very county.

Beautiful Women

Not only men are famous here but also women have gone even further. There are at least 3 Jamaican miss-world champions with several runner-ups.

The best things to attend to in this country will take you all over the island for this vibrant country, from the budget city of Kingston to the very best of breathtaking waterfalls. Discovery bay, Jamaica combines the world-class beaches that have a truckload up of things and vacation activities.So many people come here to have an amazing experience.