Jordan: A Country with The Oldest Capital City

Jordan Flag The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan has also known as Jordan is a country with lots of ancient structures, and heritages. It is located in the eastern Asian region. The country considered an Arab country. The city Petra witnessed a lot of historical events and is also recognized as a world heritage site by UNESCO.They have a history of receiving a lot of refugees for many years.

Democracy, Capital & Language

It is a free nation that has a unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy government.

Amman is the capital of the country. This considered the largest city in the country. Almost half of the citizens of the country lives in the capital.

Arabic is the official language here.

Population & Economy

The country is populated with only around 10 million people.

This country has an average economic system. Fertilizer, Agriculture, mining, and pharmaceutical sectors are major sectors that help to the economy. They earn a good sum of money from tourism.

Health and Education

Medical care services in this country are getting better nowadays. Child mortality has decreased and the immunity system of children is getting better as more than 90% of children get vaccinated.Life expectancy is almost 75 years here.

The education system is also quite well here. The literacy rate is almost 100% here. They have 2 years of mandatory going preschool followed by 10 years of studying for school graduation.

Middle of The Middle East

This can be called the Middle to the Middle-east. Loved currently being there here are some largely nonpolitical, nonreligious, and usually interesting info about the country The Jordan that hopefully will stimulate you to get. It’s typically Switzerland in the Middle Areas. With a lot of neighboring countries, it is kind of middle of the middle east region.

Unique Facts

• The capital of the country is considered the oldest city ever.
• It might take 45 days but someone can walk all the way fro north to south.
• Despite being an Arab country, the country doesn’t have oil underneath.
• There is a lot of birds species can be found here.
• The country has one of the lowest points on earth which is at least 400 meters below the sea level.

Jordan’s land is quite hilly. The hills remind about the earthquakes that happened in the past. There are a few old museums with a lot of historic events. If someone wants an exciting and adventurous trip they can visit the country.