The 20 Best Coding Websites for Kids to Learn Programming Language in 2024

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Coding is no longer a specialty for the elite in the present era. It has become an essential skill for both adults and kids. Teaching children fundamental programming skills opens up a world of possibilities for them to develop and prosper. Learning to code prepares them for a future that is becoming increasingly tech-driven.

As our homes, entertainment, automobiles, and even healthcare become more software-driven, the demand for programmers to design and operate with these technologies grows. Even if a kid does not want to work in development, fundamental programming is becoming increasingly important in nearly every field.

Before joining coding classes, many children begin by learning through coding applications, games, and websites. There are plenty of entertaining tools available for any teenager who is interested in learning to code. We investigated different sources to make a list of the best websites to introduce your children to coding. These free and paid coding websites are effective for kids.

Why should you look for a coding site for kids? Simply said, coding is dominating the globe. A child nowadays needs to learn to code like learning English and Mathematics. Fortunately for us, there is no shortage of websites dedicated to teaching children how to do that. We've made a list of the top 20 coding sites for kids. They're worth your time.

Coding is a brilliant way to get your children interested in computers at a young age. While many businesses face uncertainty, computer programming is not one of them. Involving your children in enjoyable coding edutainment will offer them a head start on something they'll encounter in the future as students or in their professional lives.

Fortunately, there are many free tools, websites, and applications, to make coding entertaining for kids and maybe spark a lifetime interest. We've compiled a list of the twenty best online resources for coding to help get your future software engineer.

The 10 Best Coding Websites for Kids to Learn Programming Language

Here is a list of the 20 best coding websites for kids:

01. Khan Academy

Khan Academy provides online courses for free and practices with expert-created material and tools. Khan Academy offers lessons in computer programming such as Processing JS, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and SQL. Each of these sessions provides a thorough introduction aimed at laying the groundwork for professional-level abilities.

There's also a "Meet the Professional" section, which has interviews with some best computer programmers from across the world who work in different industries. The computer programming lessons are best suited for high school kids and adults, although a tech-savvy adolescent could certainly get by with minimal guidance.

02. Scratch

We clearly prefer Scratch because it is the platform people use to teach coding to elementary school kids. The MIT Media Lab developed this free block coding website for children. Scratch is a computer language in and of itself, made up of graphical blocks.

Scratch is used in the coding program because it is an excellent approach for younger kids to develop problem-solving, communication, and thinking abilities. It does not teach any real coding languages, but it is a good starting point for coding languages.

03. Glitch

Glitch is an easy web app development platform. They're improving and simplifying the tools that make it perfect for older children and teenagers learning to code. There is no setup required, and you can view updates on the website as you type.

Students may learn to build websites and remix projects using basic yet powerful tools based on real-life languages and frameworks. Students are not required to fiddle with servers or setup. They can now write industry-standard code from beginning to end.

04. CodeCombat

Code Combat provides a very comprehensive learning experience through a fun game that can be accessed from any browser. You have to give your character the right set of orders to complete missions by completing mazes, puzzles, and other activities.

Code Combat's free edition gives an in-depth introduction to coding. It has 39 levels and teaches kids fundamental syntax, arguments, loops, parameters, strings, and variables. You may go to more complex modules, such as game development, by purchasing their premium versions.Code Combat uses actual coding syntax in the form of a text editor, allowing children to become acquainted with programming languages like HTML, JavaScript, CDS, and Python.

05. Stencyl

Stencyl is game development software that allows users to create and distribute games for Windows, iPhone, Android, iPad, Mac, Linux, HTML5, and Flash without writing any code. They employ a graphical interface akin to Scratch, but with additional functionality and blocks that are ready to use. Kids may create their own worlds and characters, and then fine-tune them to make them more intricate.

The graphics are child-friendly, and advanced students may view and alter the text-based code. It requires software download and installation, however, it provides comprehensive learning help on its forums and the beginner version is free.

06. Create & Learn

Create & Learn provides free basic live video coding courses for students in game development, Scratch, mobile apps, robotics, and more. Experts from MIT, Google, and Stanford develop the program with children.

The classes are conducted in small groups in a collaborative setting, with each child receiving individualized attention from an experienced coding teacher. Children may get a coding certificate for each achievement they achieve. Classes are scheduled based on student availability and can be completed weekly or daily.

07. Blockly

Blockly is a collection of educational games centered on teaching coding. It is intended for children with little experience with computer programming and includes puzzle games, music videos, beautiful animals, and platform games to help clarify coding concepts, making learning enjoyable and gradually more challenging.

The games use visual coding akin to Scratch, and at the end, young coders are prepared to go on to text-based languages. Like building a puzzle, children can use code to bring things to life. This makes it an easy tool to learn while learning basic coding concepts.

08. Coursera

Coursera provides several free courses from reputable universities. It is developed for older children and adults, so it may be scary for younger children, but its self-paced and free design makes it a perfect alternative for youngsters looking for a higher challenge or those interested in college.

Its paid certification program is excellent, and it offers a wide range of materials for learning to code. It's intended for high school kids, so it's challenging while also helping kids develop skills.

09. CodinGame

CodinGame enables high school students to sharpen their coding skills through gameplay and development. This free coding site helps kids practice by allowing them to solve puzzles, compete in code wars, contribute to multi-player games, and master coding in a number of languages such as HTML, Java, Python, C++, Ruby, and Swift. Professional coders and grownups both like this site because the free lessons make it simple to get started with any coding activity.

10. Kodable

Kodable is developed for kids. The all-in-one program covers everything from Javascript to Sequence, with interesting practice games to keep students engaged. The free Kickstart program allows you to try out 49 classes and has full access to their creative tools. Paid plans feature learning result reports as well as access to the whole practice-level library.

It includes a fully developed classroom curriculum and tries to engage kids on a variety of levels. Teenagers will be completely proficient in even the most advanced aspects of Javascript by the completion of the course.

11. CodeMoji

CodeMoji has a big emphasis on offering simply comprehensible courses to younger children, particularly those in elementary/primary school. These interactive courses are a great method to persuade your kids to pay more attention to coding and urge them to solve any problems that arise. Kids who want to learn to code will be more than happy by the completion of the course.

12. Lightbot

Lightbot has everything you might want from a software designer focused on youngsters learning to code. It teaches you about sequencing, procedures, recursive loops, overloading, and conditionals, so you're covered no matter which pathway you take.

This was developed by full-time developers who know what they're doing, and it's loved by millions of youngsters worldwide. If you're searching for a user-friendly, straightforward developer, this may be the one.

13. CodeWizardsHQ

CodeWizardsHQ has developed top-rated programs for children. Rather than offering online courses, CodeWizardsHQ concentrates on weekly online sessions that follow a predetermined curriculum. Each session costs $149 in three installments.

Kids start by understanding the basics of programming before moving on to more advanced languages such as JavaScript, Python, and HTML. CodeWizardHQ is one of the best free coding websites for kids, and it also provides an internship in a nonprofit organization!

14. Tynker

Tynker, with over 60 million users worldwide, is one of the leading websites for kids. There are around 3,700 modules and over 40 text and block-based courses accessible. Tynker's coding sessions are customized to different age groups.

Kids ages 5-7 are introduced to basic logic issues and basics, while kids ages 8-13 use drag & drop code to develop applications and games and operate robots. Finally, anyone above the age of 14 may try out real-world programming languages like Python and JavaScript. All of the sessions have been implemented to make learning fun and interesting for all children.

15. Machine Learning for Kids

Machine Learning for Kids exposes students to basic machine learning models through games and playful projects that allow children to select from a number of hands-on activities.

Machine Learning for Kids, one of the most intriguing coding sites for kids, provides a fully free activity kit with interactive projects built by IBM. The tasks are designed to show children how to build basic machine-learning models.

16. CodeGuppy

CodeGuppy is a free coding portal for kids. If you do not already have an account with, you can create one by going to the registration page and signing up for a free account. Registered users get access to a plethora of entertaining projects!

Codeguppy comes with an asset collection that contains animated sprites, backdrops, and music. This allows you to concentrate on the code rather than on identifying and maintaining assets. If your game demands more unique characters, you can create your own sprites in the code. This is a nice pastime for both young children and people who are nostalgic.

17. Codecademy

If you are young and want to be a programmer, then Codecademy is the best and excellent platform for you to fulfilling the dream. It is looking at most of the khan academy. They are designing their activities as unit plans, courses plans, set plans, and others. They are also providing home and supplementary projects as learning to code.

CodeCombat is the best gaming platform for learning coding and programming languages. They are providing their learning activity by playing different kinds of games, including dungeon, RPG-Style, and others. They are monitoring their writing system by using Python and JavaScript.

18. Code Monster

Code Monster is a fun interactive game for kids and adolescents to practice programming JavaScript. You will be coding from the time you go to the website. Code Monster assumes the learner is already familiar with JavaScript and simply wants a way to practice the grammar and ideas they are learning.

The format is straightforward. On this coding website for kids, all you need to do is follow the monster's directions. But there is little more to help you. There are three pages: About, How to Play, and FAQ. That's all. The FAQ urges students to go elsewhere for JavaScript lessons and textbooks.

19. Codewars

Codewars is a competitive coding platform for kids and adolescents. You can develop your abilities at Codewars by practicing with other coders. Coders work toward expertise by solving programming tasks in CoffeeScript, Clojure, Haskell, Python, JavaScript, Ruby, Java, or C# (Csharp).

It is an innovative and entertaining method of practicing and learning coding skills. It is especially beneficial for children and teenagers who are striving to master a language or increase their knowledge of newly learned languages.

20. Code Monkey

Code Monkey is a wonderful coding website that focuses on teaching how to code through fun online activities. Children write programming to help a monkey in collecting bananas. The player progresses through a series of trials and finally gains the coding skills necessary to create his or her own game.

Kids eventually learn to code with a text-based interface and learn a language with syntax comparable to English that compiles into JavaScript. Their stories cover all of the basic coding ideas, including loops, direction, logic, sequencing, and algorithms.

Final Words

If you're a parent, you've probably heard countless talks about how to screen usage impacts children. While it's a wise idea to urge your children to put down their phones, and laptops to enjoy some fresh air. There's nothing wrong with offering them some screen time - especially if they're learning anything with their gadgets.

Here we have introduced you to some best coding websites designed for kids. If your kids can learn something from these websites, some screen time might be a blessing.