The 10 Best Coding Websites for Kids to Learn Programming Language

By Ana Maria | Updated on

Learning computer programming language in coding is highly essential in modern times. Most of the kids in the world want to learn to code.

The learning of coding for kids is increasing day-by-day. For fulfilling the demand for coding for kids, there are several websites, companies, apps, are available in the world.

The learning of coding for kids is too much difficult, especially for this, you must be familiar with the kids and coding. Many online platforms for learning coding for kids are available.

Today in this series, I talk to you about the "The 10 best Coding Websites for Kids to learn programming language" that helps you to choose the best online platforms.

Here's a list of the 10 best kids coding websites

01. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a non-profit online courses platform that helps your child learn more efficiently. They started their journey with the mission of free and world-class education for kids in the whole world. They are offering so many courses on their online platform, including math, computer, physics, science and engineering, biology, and others.

02. CodaKid

CodaKid is an online learning platform that helps you to learn to code for your child and kids. Without this, you can also be learning another course from this site. It also applied to many gaming platforms.

Different programming languages, including JavaScript and Python, and learning facilities are available in this online coding platform. If you are interested in coding, learning programming languages, game development, then it is the best platform choice for you.

03. Scratch

If you are interested in learning visual programming languages, then Scratch is the best online platform for you to learning or teaching coding for your children.

This online coding platform is primarily designed for children that ages contributed around seven periods. In the year 2021, it is more popular and created more users this year.

04. Glitch

Glitch is an environment that allows learning about programming languages and coding at your perfect time. It is best suitable for older kids and children that are freely improving their coding system in this online platform. They are continuously supporting the kids and children as their guidance.

05. Codecademy

If you are young and want to be a programmer, then Codecademy is the best and excellent platform for you to fulfilling the dream. It is looking at most of the khan academy. They are designing their activities as unit plans, courses plans, set plans, and others. They are also providing home and supplementary projects as learning to code.

06. CodeCombat

CodeCombat is the best gaming platform for learning coding and programming languages. They are providing their learning activity by playing different kinds of games, including dungeon, RPG-Style, and others. They are monitoring their writing system by using Python and JavaScript.

07. MIT App Inventor

MIT App Inventor is a product from Google that is an artless but friendly coding and programming platform for kids and children. You can use their app facility by learning programming languages.

They are designing their courses is very simple by including simple images, buttons, text elements, and other options. Not only kids but also the all-ages public can use this facility from this online platform.

08. Code Monster

Code Monster is a free, quick, and child-friendly coding online platform for kids and children. This excellent coding option suggests learning coding by using the blue monster character.

This platform offers its students an interactive lesson, question assessment, and others. For fulfilling the monster lesson, your children can move on to the next steps.

09. mBlock

mBlock that is also known as Makeblock, is a learning programming language tool that is tailor for learning to code for your kids and children. They are offering their students both text and block-based programming languages.

By learning coding through this programming site, your children can create animation, games, interactive projects, and others. Your kids can also learn robot programming n this platform.

10. Blocky

Blocky is an online programming platform that started its journey with the mission of games for tomorrow's developers. They are offering their students visual, fun-based educational puzzle, and block-based programming services. If your kids or children have no before experience or knowledge in coding, then it is the best platform for you. They are designing their courses without prior knowledge of computers and programming.

This online learning platform that are providing services to their young children's students' text-based programming languages that are very conventional. They are using their writing materials as JavaScript. They are also offering many different games for their children and kids for learning programming languages and coding