Things to know about the State of Kuwait

Kuwait Flag Commonly known as Kuwait, its Arabic name is al- Kuwait (الكويت‎) located in western Asia and tip of Eastern Arabia. It shares borders with Iraq and Saudi Arabia. Population of Kuwait is 4.5 million approximately and 1.3 million are actual Kuwaiti while remaining are expatriates and 70% including Indian and Pakistani are in majority there and Syrian, Iranians, Palestinians, Filipinos are also living in Kuwait for years, the capital city of Kuwait is Kuwait-City. It was first found in 1613 and considered as Sheikhdom because it was ruled by local Sheikhs.


Arabic Tribe Bani Utub was first settled in 1716 at that time there were a few fishermen and consider it as fishing village. Kuwait rapidly became center for transit goods between Muscat, Baghdad, India and Arabia in 18th century. Kuwait also became center of boat building in Persian Gulf region. Ships were renounced in the Indian Ocean until late 18th century. Kuwait built its name and became the best sailor in the Persian Gulf. At the end of world war need of oil was increasing around the world Kuwait provided that is the years of 1964- 1982 and it was named “The Golden Period of Kuwait”.


Kuwait’s economy based on petroleum it is also the main export. Kuwait is on 7th number in the richest countries around the world per capita according to the World Bank. Kuwait has the World’s highest valued currency as Kuwaiti Dinar. Kuwait is ranked second largest by GCC country per capita. 90% of the government income is petroleum. Kuwait is also major hand for foreign economic assistance especially by the Kuwait fund or Arabic economic development. The funds also were expanded for all the developing countries around the world in 1974. As Kuwait has majority of population from outside countries and majority of the workers are from outside world. As world know Kuwait for its petroleum Kuwait claims to have massive number of 104 billion barrels of crude oil and proved it, Kuwait holds up to 10% of the world’s reserves.

Education Systems

In general education system of Kuwait is divided into 4 major levels, Nursery level, it is of 2 years, Primary is of 5 years, Intermediate lasts for 4 years and Secondary for 3 years. There are nearly 1,145 schools in Kuwait, 664 considered as public schools while 481 are private. Kuwait has one of the best education systems in the world and the literacy rate for Male is 97% and for female it is 96%.