Laos: The Country of Economy, Culture, Ethnic Group and Population.

Laos FlagAn independent state in Southeast Asia and a landlocked country, the democratic name is Lao People's Democratic Republic. It was annexed by France in 1953. The capital of Laos is Vientiane and currency name is kip (LAK). Vientiane means the city of moon. Laos is a developing country but is currently making rapid progress. There are plenty of mineral resources.

The country is surrounded by various countries such as Thailand and Myanmar to the northwest, Vietnam to the east, China to the north and Cambodia to the south.


Laos is not a very large country. The country has a population of over 6 million and the official languages are Lao and French. The size of Laos is 2, 36,800 square kilometer. The population density 26.7 per square kilometer.

Ethnic Group

The main religion in Laos is Buddhism. There are 49 different ethnic groups in the country. According to the geographic areas the government of the country has divided the people into 3 groups – such as, the Lao Loum (lowlands), Lao Soung (uplands) and Lao Theung (mid-lands).

Language and Culture

Lao and French are the two languages of Laos. Lao is the language of their regional language. French is used in their official and commercial purposes. About 1/3 of the students are taught French. More available. They worship pagodas and spirits. Folk music, Laotian music and Lamsarvan are their popular cultures.

The official tourism slogan is "Easy Beautiful". Major attractions for tourists include Buddhist culture and the colonial architecture of Luan Province; Vineyards and ancient temples the capital of Vientiane.


Laos is an agricultural country but it has a lot of mineral resources. They have used advanced technology in agriculture, improved farming and improved the economy through a comprehensive version. The country's mineral resources have taken the economy one step further.

The Lao economy is dependent on its neighbors, Thailand, Vietnam and especially the North, China, for investment and investment. The bird is based on border trade with Thailand and Vietnam. In 2011, Lao Securities Exchange started trading. In 2012, the government took the initiative to create the Laos Trade Portal, a website that requires all information traders to import and export to the country.

The most widely recognized product in the country may be Vallaro, which is exported to many developed countries of the world such as America, Britain, Germany, Japan, South Korea, neighboring Cambodia and Vietnam. It is manufactured by Lao Brier Company.