Latvia: The Land of Forest & Rivers

Latvia FlagThe Republic of Latvia (Latvijas Republika) is also known as Latvia is a country with a lot of natural beauties and culture. The country is situated in the northern European region. People love their country and they are very proud of their amazing country.

Around half of Latvia’s territory is usually covered using forests then one fifth on the country consists of protected the outdoors areas. Amongst others, there are several national park systems, 42 character parks, plus 260 characteristics reserves. On top of all that, 500 kilometers of pristine beaches, more than 10k estuaries and rivers and over 2000 lakes, as well as exclusive wildlife and even you’ll almost certainly understand why this kind of small state is a popular place to go for nature enthusiasts.

Democracy, Capital & Language

It is a free nation that has a unitary parliamentary constitutional republic government.

Riga is the capital of this country. It is considered the largest city in the country. A lot of people live here.

Levitan is the official and national language here. People are also fluent in English. Some also speak Russian simultaneously.

Population & Economy

This country is populated with around 2 million people.

Latvia’s overall economy is quite developed. The key industries inside Latvia contain chemicals, steel working, along with machine development, including huge items like train cars in addition to buses, and also smaller equipment items like automatic washers and radios. Latvia creates everything.


The country is quite good at sports. Ice hockey is very popular here.They are also good at basketball. The national team has participated in many international tournaments and won trophies.

Music & Dance

Latvians are a state of vocalists and ballet dancers with thousands and thousands of people playing choirs, folks dance groupings, folklore collectives, orchestras along with amateur to perform across the tiny country. Every single five years the best 45, 000 beginner songs in addition to dance fédératif come together for that Nationwide Music and Party Festival. The tradition is more than 100 years old.

Unique Facts

• The women of the country are the tallest.
• More than 80% of the land used to be covered by forests.
• They have around 500 kilometers of coastline.
• Their internet speed is one of the fastest connections on earth.
• They have one of the biggest markets in Europe

This country is amazing and beautiful. There are at least 10,000 rivers. A large number of tourists visit the country each year to have an amazing holiday trip. There is a lot of free wifi hotspot so you can easily take snap/video and upload it.