Things to know about Liberia

Liberia Flag The Republic of Liberia is a country in West Africa open to the Atlantic Ocean, bordered to the northwest by Sierra Leone, to the north by Guinea Conakry, and to the east by Côte d'Ivoire. For Africa, Liberia is a small country with an area of 111,370 square kilometers, the capital of Liberia Monrovia on the west coast, but it was largely destroyed by the Civil War. The country is divided into 13 provinces.


English (official). It is a colloquial language completely different from American English. The truth is that Liberia is an example of this because it is the only country in Black Africa where the indigenous people speak English as a mother tongue.


Common war and government blunder pulverized quite a bit of Liberia's economy, particularly foundation in and around the capital, Monrovia. Numerous organizations fled the nation, holding onto capital and ability with them, Liberia was plentiful in water, mineral assets, woods and a good atmosphere for farming, and Liberia was a maker and exporter of essential items - principally crude lumber and elastic. Local assembling, essentially claimed by outsiders, lifted the restriction on wood and precious stone fares, which opened up new wellsprings of pay for the administration.

Reconstructing framework and expanding salary in this crushed economy will to a great extent rely upon liberal money related and specialized help from benefactor nations and unfamiliar interest in key areas, for example, foundation and influence age.


The language of instruction remains English in all public and private schools. Indigenous languages are alone. In general, children in general primary schools hardly have any textbooks or even pencils. In many rural villages, schools have been destroyed or severely damaged, looted, and sacked; This is why many children receive a very rudimentary education.

Teachers teach their lessons with very few resources. It is not uncommon to share one or even three chapters in a single panel room, part of which is used by each class. In high school, the most taught foreign language is French because of its proximity to French-speaking countries.

Liberian News Media

The only language for print media in English, be it in the Liberian orbit, the New Democrat, the Daily Observer, Liberia, the inquirer, the news, news stories, the Patriot, etc.

In electronic media, the linguistic situation varies. For the sake of the media without excluding the multi-lingual and illiterate population, local radio stations generally broadcast many languages. Most of the time, these are short news reports that are provided over the course of a day in standard English. As for National Television Networks, it broadcasts most of its programs in English, but many newsletters are published in the Anglo-Liberian language and a few local languages.