Lithuania (Lietuva): The Land of Perfume

Lithuania Flag The Republic of Lithuania (Lietuvos Respublika) is also known as Lithuania is a country with a lot of natural beauties and culture. The country is situated in the northern European region. It is an amazing country and someone can easily fall in love with the country. It has been through some amazing history, and quite a few interesting places and traditions have survived until today.

Democracy, Capital & Language

It is a free nation that has a unitary semi-presidential republic government.

Vilnius is the capital of this country. It is considered the largest city in the country. A lot of people live here.

Lithuanian is the official and national language here. People are also fluent in English. Some also speak Russian and polish simultaneously.

Population & Economy

This country is populated with around 3 million people.

Lithuania has moved forward from a command word economy into a market overall economy in which the privately-owned sector is liable for the majority of GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT, and authority’s regulation will be transparent and also efficient. They export fuel, devices and products, chemicals, materials, foodstuffs, and plastic materials.

Health and Education

Lithuania provides cost-free state-funded professional medical to all individuals and listed long-term locals. Private medicine and health are also found in the country. The life expectancy is around 75 years here.

The education sector is also quite developed here. They have several universities that are constantly good in the field of science. The literacy rate is almost 100% here.


Basketball is the most well-liked sport inside Lithuania. It is said to be the next religion in the people. Lithuania has the next best baseball team on earth, which has gained three solidité medals on the Olympics.

Many Lithuanian field basketball players have been put up to the NBA’s Hall of Fame, although the greatest superstar that the state is particularly pleased with is Arvydas Sabonis.

The national Aroma

Lithuania is famous for getting the only region in the World… with its very own official fragrance, called “The Scent of Lithuania”. The particular scent was published in 2010 in addition to was extensively discussed everywhere, press as well as the local mass media. The scent includes several wild blooms, ginger, raspberry, sandalwood plus musk smells which include a sweet and even fresh feels to the cologne.

Unique Facts

• It is located at the central position of Europe
• They have the oldest oak tree in Europe.
• Their language is considered as the oldest in Europe.
• They have one of the fastest internet connections on earth.

This country is amazing and beautiful. The forest is very beautiful here with different kinds of trees and a lot of wildlife creatures. A large number of tourists visit the country each year to have an amazing holiday trip. And you will find Easter eggs here.