Things to Know about Malawi

Malawi Flag

The Republic of Malawi (Dziko la Malaŵi) is a South African country. It is one of the poorest countries in Africa. Its capital is Lilongo and its largest city is Blentraer. The people of this country are called Malawians. The official language of the country is English. The policy of the country is one and the same. They have their own national anthem which means oh god bless our Malawi. The country gained independence from the British. There are deserts all over the country.


The country's system of government is multi-party democracy. The President manages all the affairs of the country. And he appointed the vice president. But the political system of the country is not so good. For various reasons, riots broke out in the country. Civil war broke out among themselves.


Malawi is one of the poorest countries on the African continent. Economically they are very weak. Their main source of income is agricultural work. Being a desert makes it unhealthy for them. However, the country is rich in mineral resources. But due to their corruption, the proper use of mineral resources is not ensured. However, the country's economy has improved somewhat at present. The country's per capita income is about $367 and the GDP (nominal) is $7.436 billion.


Malawi is a fairly large country, but there are many parts of the Saha desert. The country has a total population of 15,273,000. There are many different ethnic groups in the country. There are many differences between white and black people in the country. Blacks are deprived of many benefits. Black people are oppressed in many ways. The average life expectancy of the country is very low because they do not eat properly. Their lives are in crisis due to malnutrition and lack of food. Due to the natural condition and underdevelopment of the country, the number of deaths is higher than their birth.

Natural State

The natural environment of the country is not very favorable. The temperature of the country is very high and their livelihood is very difficult due to the desert. However, the country has many mineral resources underground. And there are many big rivers in the country. That's how they adapted to nature.


Malawi people are very nice in terms of culture. They are very hospitable. They use earthenware and make many beautiful designs with wood. They celebrate different festivals. In their festivals they perform dance songs. Another one is that they make people happy by taking different shapes.