Things to Know about Malaysia

Malaysia Flag Malaysia is located in Southeast Asia. Malaysia is consist of 13 states, 3 federal territories and have separated from South China Sea into two as Peninsula of Malaysia and Borneo’s East Malaysia. Malaysia shaves borders with Vietnam, Brunei, Indonesia and Philippines both land and maritime.

Kuala Lumpur is capital city of Malaysia and the seat of government is in Putrajaya, capital has the population of 7.9 million approximately. Malaysia is 43rd most populous country in the world having population of 32 million or more. It is homeland of endemic species and it is also from 17 megadiverse countries.

Origin of Malaysia

Origin of Malaysia is from the Malay Kingdom. In 18th century it too became territory of British Empire. It became Federation of Malay and got independence in 1957 on 31st of August. On 16th September 1963 it united with Sarawak, North Borneo and Singapore and became Malaysia, but after two years this unity broke down and Singapore became independent state in 1965.

Malaysia is also member of EAS, OIC, ASEAN, APEC, the commonwealth and Non Aligned Movement and its economy is increased 6.5% per annum from past 50 years. Malaysia is ranked 33rd and 3rd in Southeast Asia and in the world.


Malaysia has numerous caves around the country caused by water eroding limestone and due to Karst landscape. Mullu Caves are the world’s largest caves in between Brunei and Penambo, they are 7000 meter long height is of 70 meter. Lang’s cave is also famous and have area of 1.6 km, Sarawak chamber is also source of attraction for tourists because it is the largest in the world.

Transport System

Malaysia’s road network covered 144,403 kilometers of the land area, Malaysian Federation System is the main national road network covers up to 49.935 km. The largest highway in Malaysia is North-South expressway covering land of 800 km.

Railways in Malaysia are near about 1833 kilometers 737 km are electrified and double tracked, for urban public transport there is heavy rail and for intra-city urban public is lRTs (Light Rapid Transit) while in Kuala Lumpur The Sole monorail line is used. There are 39 airports in Malaysia two of them are international service providers The National Airlines and Malaysia Airlines. The busiest and main airport is Kuala Lumpur Airport.


The government created a policy in 1971 as “National Culture Policy”. In which government defined that the culture should be based on indigenous people and may be contribution of other cultures especially of Islam and promote Malay language.