Things to Know about Mauritania

Mauritania Flag

Mauritania is an Islamic state in northwest Africa. It is the eleventh largest state in Africa. It is bounded on the west by the Atlantic Ocean, on the north by the Western Sahara, on the northeast by Algeria, on the east and southeast by Mali, and on the southwest by Senegal. There are many stories about naming the country. It is named after the ancient kingdom.

The ancient country lasted from the third to the seventh century BC, much to the north of present-day Mauritania. Morocco and Algeria are currently located in the region. Most of the country's land is in the Sahara Desert. About 90% of the land in the country is desert. So all the people of the country live in the south and there is a lot of Anal densely populated.

The official language of the country is Arabic. Almost all people speak this language. The largest city and capital of the country is Nawakshut.


The main source of income of the country is agriculture. They make a living by farming and raising animals. Most of the land in the country is in the Sahara desert so it is impossible to cultivate there at once. Because the temperature is very high and there is no source of water. The soil of the desert is fertile so it is very difficult for them to make a living. However, the country has many types of mineral resources. But the country cannot extract resources from them. Their mineral resources are underdeveloped. So the state of their economy is very bad. The country has a total nominal GDP of $5.200 billion and a per capita income of $1,309. The country's official currency is the augunia.The president of the country is the head of the country. The President appoints the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister runs the country and does the administrative work. They are appointed through the people's vote. But the government system of the country is not very developed. There are many problems in the country


Although Mauritania is a very large country, its population is very small. Because 90% of the country is uninhabitable. The other 10% live alone. There are many settlements. The total population of the country is about 4,182,341. The population density is 3.8 people per square kilometer. The total area of the country is 10, 30,000 square kilometers. Almost everyone in the country is a black race. But there are some very ancient races.

Nature and Culture

The nature of Mauritania is very captivating. There are some mountains in the country. But the largest part of the Sahara desert is in this country. 90% of the country is desert but the rest is full of evergreens. The natural environment of the country is beautiful as well as the culture is very good. The country has many ancient historical traditions. The nation of this country is Muslim so their main festival is Eid. Also the country has a lot of culture.