Moldova: A Wine Nation

Moldova Flag The Republic of Moldova is also known as Moldova is a country that is situated in the Eastern European region. It is also a landlocked country. The history of wine is very old here. They even have a dedicated national day for wine. Not many people visit this country though it’s quite cheaper.

Democracy, Capital & Language

It is a free nation that has a unitary parliamentary constitutional republic government.

Chisinau is the capital of this tiny country. It is considered the largest city in the country.

Romania is the official language here. But communication is not a problem as people are also fluent in English.

Population & Economy

This is a small country and the country is populated with less than 3 million people.Moldova has a compounded economic system with a variety of individual freedom, merged with centralized global financial planning plus government legislations. Moldova is usually a member of the CEFTA. Some common contributing sectors are food processing, farm machinery; foundry equipment, wine bottle coolers, and termes conseillés, washing machines; pantyhose, shoes, materials, sugar, vegetal oils.

They Drink A Lot

Based on the report from WHO, just Belarus can be hidden more alcoholic beverages than Moldova, with every inhabitant consuming an average of more than 15 liters of liquor per year.

Breakaway Region

Areas known as Transnistria declared freedom from Moldova in 1990, precipitating typically the War regarding Transnistria which usually secured any de facto independence for that territory. Still, the region, which includes its own foreign money and edge controls, is just not officially realized by virtually any member of often the United Nations.

Health & Education

Due to separation from Soviet Union the country has gone through some turbulence. So it took time to restore the total health care system. The expectancy is just almost75 years here.

The education sector is quite better here. The literacy rate is almost 100% here.

Unique Facts

• It is one of the least visited countries in not only Europe but also on earth.
• Once there was no president in the country for at least 3 years.
• Most of the people can speak 2-3 languages.

The country went through a lot. The separation of Soviet Union causes a lot of damage to many sectors and industries of the country. Even the capital city was destroyed a few decades ago by the red army invaders. But nowadays the country is holding up strongly.