Things to know about Mozambique

Mozambique Flag

The Republic of Mozambique (República de Moçambique) is one of the most spectacular countries in eastern South Africa. It is bounded on the east by the Indian Ocean, on the north by Tanzania, on the northwest by Malawi and Zambia, on the west by Zimbabwe, and on the southwest by Switzerland and South Africa.

The country is surrounded by natural beauty. It is one of the most important countries in South Africa. Gained independence from the Portuguese. The official language of the country is Portuguese. The capital of the country is Maputo and it is the largest city. The country is a member of the United Nations


The system of government is a unitary semi-presidential republic. The head of state is the president. He does all the work in the country. The prime minister is appointed by the president and by popular vote. The prime minister is the head of all ministers. However, the legal system of the country is not good. Civil war continues in the country which they cannot control.


Mozambique is economically backward. The economy of a country depends on its population and natural resources. Their main occupation is agriculture. They make a living by farming. Their agricultural system is also not very developed.

However, the country has abundant mineral resources and the country is becoming increasingly dependent on growing industries. Industries include food and beverages, chemical construction, aluminum and petroleum products.

The country's tourism sector is also growing. The country has trade relations with various countries such as Belgium, Brazil, Portugal and Spain also have trade relations with Mozambique. Until 2001, Mozambique was one of the fastest growing countries in the world in terms of GDP. However, the situation is no longer the same. The country's economic situation is fragile. The country's total nominal GDP $15.372 billion and the total per capita income is $493. The currency of the country is Mozambican Metical (MZN).

Size and Population

Mozambique is one of the largest countries in South Africa. The size of the country is much larger. The total area of the country is eight lakh one thousand 590 square kilometers. The population of the country is much less than this area.

The total population of the country is about 30,066,648. Most of the people of the country are black people. They speak Portuguese. Some ancient species live ethnically in the country. However, the average life expectancy of the citizens is very low. The death rate due to AIDS is very high. At the same time the infant mortality rate is not low.

Nature and Culture

The nature of the country is very captivating. The country is bordered by the sea on both sides and surrounded by mountains. Many tourists visit the country. The country has many ancient civilizations. There are many earthen houses. Most of the people in the country are Buddhists. Like their culture and closed day. But day by day the number of Muslims is increasing a lot. The sea across the country is very captivating. The country seems to be surrounded by evergreens.

The famous footballer Eusebio was born in this country. At the age of 15, he got a chance to play for a club in Mozambique, Mexico. Since Mozambique was under Portuguese rule at the time, he represented Portugal at the international level. 196 became the top scorer in the FIFA World Cup.