Nigeria: The Oil Tanker of Africa

Nigeria Flag The Federal Republic of Nigeria mostly known Nigeria is a country with lots of natural landmarks, heritages. The country quite large and is located in the west region of Africa. It is a country with lots of wanders. It contains a lot of mountains and rivers. A lot of people live here from different ethnicity and races. It is a true land of opportunities and exploration.

Democracy, Capital & Language

It is a free nation that has a federal constitutional republic government.

Abuja is the capital of the country. The largest city in the country would be Lagos and this city contributes a lot in the total income of the GDP.

English is an official language here. But there are at least 10 more languages used by the natives. Yoruba, Hausa and Igbo are the languages that are more commonly used in the rural areas of the country.

Population & Economy

It is a large country and it is populated with more than 200 million people that put the country in the top 10 most populated countries in the world.

This country’s economy is mostly dependent on the oil sector. The production and export of pod oil solely contribute more than 80% of the total income of the country. Agriculture and other sectors also contribute. The growth of GDP is getting better here and is increasing at a rate of more than 7% annually.

Film & Media

This country has a very good film industry. There are a lot of movie producers and production houses that make it one the largest if not the largest film industry in the world.

Nigeria’s contribution to African music is undeniable. A lot of famous singers have got international recognition and fame.

Health & Education

In comparison to other countries of Africa Nigeria, the health sector has improved a lot in the past few decades. The government and private medical sectors work together to provide a better health care service.

Their education sectors have drastically improved in recent days because of careful monitoring and extensive supervision of health ministry. The literacy rate has increased & The rate is almost 70% here.


Football is very popular in the country. The national team has appeared in the world cup and played very well. Without any doubt, the national football team has the best records in the whole of Africa. Once it was ranked in the top 5 positions in the world football rankings. The national league is also quite famous here.They have produces a lot of world-class players.

Tourism has become quite popular here since the crime rate has drastically decreased. Nowadays a lot of people come here to have a great travel experience.