Norway: The Land of Peace Nobel Prize & The Midnight Sun

Norway Flag Norway, officially known as the Kingdom of Norway is a country in the north European region. A great purpose to visit the country would be sharing happiness and joy. Using the Happiness Investigate Institute, Norwegian is the subsequently happiest countryside on earth. The very fjords, mountain range and north lights for Norway, Heart-shaped waffles slathered in healthy berry quickly pull, Beds the fact that feel like atmosphere And a limitless supply of orthopedic bathroom carpeting/flooring are recognized throughout the world.

Democracy, Capital and Language

It is a free nation that has a Unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy Government system.

Oslo is the capital of the country.

Official language of the country is Norwegian. Few more languages are also spoken by the natives.

Population and Economy

This country is populated with only around 5 million people.

The country has a very stable economic system. It truly is fueled simply by oil and gas export products which not merely makes it incredibly efficient along with stable, but also helps that to be one of many richest nations around the world for many more years to come. One more major reason why Norway can be so wealthy is usually Petroleum... The particular gap between the poor in addition to the rich is significantly more compact.Some other important areas include hydropower, fish, woods, and vitamins. State profits from oil are transferred to the planet's largest full sovereign coin wealth account.

The Peace Nobel Prize

Typically, the Norwegian capital Oslo has been the pleased venue on the Nobel Peace Prize formal procedure every year (with just a few exceptions) since 1901. The other Nobel prizes around Chemistry, Literature, Physics along with Physiology, or maybe Medicine is generally awarded in Stockholm, Luxa, Sweden.

That's due to wishes involving Alfred Nobel, the Swedish chemist who has bequeathed his particular wealth to make the honors upon her death. No-one's quite confident why they chose Norwegian for the Peace of mind Prize.


Sporting activities are a key part of Norwegian culture, along with popular sporting activities include connection football, handball, biathlon, cross country skiing, snowboard jumping, rate skating.

Norwegian has acquired more medals in the Winter Olympics than another country, having 332 at this point since the initially Winter Olympics were held with 1924.

The Longest Coast Line

In case you draw an aligned line across the coast, it might be about one, 650 kilometers long. However, once you include all the bays and lengthy fjords which Norway is famous for, as well as the distance about all the various countries, the “real” length of it is coastline might be anywhere between 16k a long way and 63k Miles long!Due to this, Norway is known to have among the longest coastlines in the world.