Things to know about Paraguay

Paraguay Flag Republic of Paraguay is a country located in South America sharing land borders with Argentina towards south, Brazil towards southwest and Bolivia towards northwest, it is one of only two countries in South America which are landlocked but still it has beaches, coasts and ports on Parana river, the river ends on Atlantic Ocean the name given as Parana- Paraguay waterways.

The country is also called as” Corazon de Sudamerica” which means “Heart of South America” due to its central location in region. Total land area covered by the country is 406,753 kilometers square some of the largest cities are Asuncion, Ciudad del Este and san Lorenza.

The total population of the country is around 7 million and the capital city is Asuncion having the population of around 1 million. The country also has good rate of life expectancy of nearly 74 years with both sexes and separately females have bigger rate than male of 76 years and males have of around 72 years.

The culture of Guarani is one the oldest in South America region and more than 90% of the people speak different forms of the language and the country is known for happiness, people of Paraguay are one of the happiest and easy-living people in the world and also the country has ranked top in World’s happiest places to live.


In 1524 Spanish conquistadors firstly arrived from Rio de le Plata and reached Paraguay river, they found the city Asuncion in the year of 1537 and it was the capital of Governorate of Paraguay and Rio de le Plata. The country was center for the mission of Jesuit, this is where the people were firstly introduced to European culture and Christianity.

After getting independence from Spain the territory was ruled by isolationist, nationalist and protectionists governments. In the years of 1864-70 disaster happened in the face of Paraguayan war in which the country lost over 50% or prewar population and 30% of its territory but wars didn’t stopped they also faced Chaco war and military dictatorship which ends in 1989 and Paraguay became democratic era.


The economy of the country depends on agricultural products which represents the GDP of 30%, the main exports for the country are Indigenous cattle meat, soybean, cassava, pig meat, wheat, eggs, maize, sugarcane, chicken meat and milk. Trading partners are Brazil, Argentina, Russia, Chile and Turkey. The major imports include chemical products, consumer goods, automobiles, tobacco, petroleum and machinery the sources are Brazil, Argentina, U.S.A, Honk Kong and China. In 2018 GDP reached up to 40.5 Billion dollars.