The 10 Best Newspapers in Perth

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Perth is the largest city and the capital of Western Australia. This city is important in many respects. The history of newspaper publication in this city is not new indeed.

Back in 1833, a newspaper named The West Australian was launched as the earliest newspaper in Western Australia.

It was published in Perth. Many newspapers came one by one though at present a few publications exist.

In this article, we will discuss the 10 best newspapers in Perth.

The 10 Best Newspapers in Perth

Here's a list of the 10 Best Newspapers in Perth:

01. The West Australian

The West Australian is a daily newspaper that is published in Perth. Interestingly, this is the only locally edited newspaper in Perth. However, this newspaper is mostly known as The West. Seven West Media owns this newspaper. Amazingly, it is the second-oldest newspaper published in Australia.

The West started its publication in 1833. Till then it is being published continuously. We find center-right political alignment in this publication. Amazingly, this newspaper has the largest market share in Australia among all the newspapers in the country. It is printed in Tabloid format. It basically publishes all types of news including local, domestic and international.

02. The Sunday Times

The Sunday Times is a Sunday newspaper published in Perth. Seven West Media is the sole owner of this newspaper. However, it is supplied throughout Western Australia. It was founded in 1897 as The Western Australian Sunday Times. Then the name was changed to The Sunday Times in 1902. It is printed in Tabloid format. Amazingly, it has around 500K readers.

The West Australian is its sister paper. Michael Beach is the current editor of this newspaper. In 2008, police raided the offices of this mainstream publication. It is an unusual event in Australia. The State government complained that it had leaked confidential cabinet information.

03. The Examiner (Perth)

The Examiner is a South-eastern Perth-based weekly newspaper that is published in Perth, Western Australia. This newspaper started its publication in 1989. However, it is published every Thursday and Friday. It’s actually a bi-weekly newspaper. The Examiner is circulated throughout the Southeastern region of Perth, Western Australia.

It actually covers Gosnells, Serpentine-Jarrahdale, and Armadale. However, this edition has a circulation of around 60,000 copies throughout those areas. Gerald van Rongen owns this regional bi-weekly newspaper.

04. OutInPerth

The OutInPerth is a publication that stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender. This is an online newspaper. The website covers LGBT news only. It publishes regional, national and international news. Leigh Hill and Graeme Watson are the current editors of this LGBT edition.

This English newspaper had a print edition till 2019. Then it stopped printing. This newspaper is available online only. However, the owners of the newspaper stopped publishing for some days. They resumed publishing this newspaper again after buying the rights and conducting a fundraising campaign.

05. Post Newspapers

The Post Newspapers consist of four editions. This is mainly a community newspaper that covers a particular group in Perth. However, it is a weekly newspaper owned by Post Newspapers Pty Ltd. This English-language newspaper was founded in 1977. At present, it sells nearly 53000 copies each weekday.

06. The Record

The Record was a religious newspaper that was published as an organ of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Perth, Western Australia. It was actually a magazine that was launched in 1874. Amazingly, it is still alive as a bi-weekly online magazine under the banner of “eRecord”. A PDF and hard copy edition began publication in 2016.

07. The Daily News

The Daily News was an afternoon newspaper published in Perth. It was an English-language daily newspaper. This newspaper started its publication in 1882 by Stirling Bros and Co Ltd. The Daily News was actually a successor of the then-popular newspaper, namely The Inquirer. It was one of the earliest newspapers in Western Australia.

William Tanner and Francis Lochee founded The Inquirer in 1840. Then it was sold to Edmund Stirling in 1847. Then it had been merged with another newspaper, namely Commercial News and Shipping Gazette. So, it was renamed The Inquirer and Commercial News under the ownership of Sholl and Stirling. After Sholl’s depart, the Stirling family took full authority over this publication. In 1882, they founded The Daily News, and then The Inquirer and Commercial News were mingled with this newspaper in 1901. This newspaper was wound up in 1990.

08. The Western Mail

There were two different newspapers in the same name in different periods. Both of them were published in Perth. Ok, the first Western Mail came to light in 1885 by John Winthrop Hackett and Charles Harper. It was one of the state’s major daily newspapers. In 1955, the name, the Western Mail was changed to The Countryman.In 1980, the second Western Mail came up. Western Mail Limited published this weekly newspaper. It ceased its publication in 1988.

09. The Sunday Independent

The Sunday Independent was a weekly newspaper published in Perth, Western Australia. This newspaper was also known as The Independent. Two mining entrepreneurs, Peter Wright and Lang Hancock owned this newspaper. It was circulated in the Perth Suburb of East Victoria Park. The Independent was launched in 1969. It was founded as a Sunday-only weekly newspaper.

Maxwell Newton was its founding editor. In the beginning, it was published under the banner of The Independent. Then the name changed to The Sunday Independent in 1971. Its maximum circulation was around 80,000 copies. Probably, you have realized how popular this newspaper was at that time. It stopped its publication in 1986.

10. The Truth

The Truth was an English-language newspaper in Perth, Western Australia. It was a weekly edition. This newspaper was launched in 1903. It ceased its publication in 1931. The National Library of Australia has kept this newspaper digitized. They have done this incorporation with the State Library of Western Australia. Interestingly, the State Library of Western Australia has preserved the hard copies too.

Final Verdict

This article deals with the 10 best newspapers published in Perth, Western Australia. Some of them have been publishing news continuously and some were lost with the passage of time.

However, this article might be useful for you to give you some amazing views about the most popular newspapers in Perth at different times.