Philippines: The Country with Islands & Languages

Philippines Flag The Republic of the Philippines (Republika ng Pilipinas) has also known as Philippines is a country with lots of natural beauties, beaches, and varieties of food. It is located in the south Asian region.All the landmass of your Philippines comprises islands, allowing it to be the second-largest archipelago across the world. People are very friendly here.

Democracy, Capital & Language

It is a free nation that has a unitary presidential constitutional government.

Manila is the capital of the country. Quezon city is considered the largest city in the country.

Filipino is the official language here. But English and is also quite popular here.And there are almost 150+ more languages that are spoken by the natives. It is the land of language indeed.

Population & Economy

This is quite a large country and the country is populated with around 100 million people.

This country’s economy depends on several sectors. Agriculture would be the largest industry and 25 of employment is involved with it. Other large industries with the Philippines include things like manufacturing in addition to agribusiness. Inside of manufacturing, exploration and gemstone processing, pharmaceutical products, shipbuilding, electronic products, and semiconductors are the concentration areas. Often the Philippines is just about the most attractive prescription drug markets inside Asia-Pacific areas.

Health and Education

Medical care services in this country are persistently getting better. There is more private sector involvement in the health sector. But the government also improvises the health care services

The education system is also quite well here. Well-known universities in the country that provide quality education. The literacy rate is more than 96% here.

Islands & Volcanoes

There are at least 7000 islands here and more than 5000 islands are still unnamed!

There are several volcanoes in the country. On the province of Camiguin, a lot more volcanoes (seven) than neighborhoods (five). Presently there hasn’t recently been an eruption since the middle 1950s, nevertheless the island provides the most quantity of volcanoes for every square km in the world.

There is indeed a lot of languages spoken in the country. but more than 50% of people speak English which makes it one of the largest English-speaking nations. There is a lot of shopping malls here and few of them are ranked in the top 10 largest shopping malls on earth.So it could be a great destination to enjoy beaches, foods, and lots of shopping.