The 10 Best Newspapers in Queensland

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Queensland is the second-largest state in Australia. There are a lot of daily, weekly, and monthly newspapers published here.

Interestingly, the newspapers in Queensland came to light one by one at the time of the white settlement in Queensland for gold mining. We find a wide range of varieties among the newspapers that are published in this state.

However, here we are going to make a list of the 10 best newspapers in Queensland.

The 10 Best Newspapers in Queensland

Here's a list of The 10 Best Newspapers in Queensland:

01. The Queensland Times

The Queensland Times is an Australian daily newspaper published in Queensland. It generally serves Ipswich, an urban region of Queensland. However, this newspaper covers the whole of Queensland as well. New Corp Australian owns this daily newspaper. It started its journey in 1859. The headquarters of this English-language newspaper is at Ipswich.

Its daily circulation is around 11,000 on its Monday to Sunday editions. Besides, the Sunday edition reaches up to 14,000. This newspaper is distributed to Ipswich rural and city areas. You may have heard about the APN Regional News Network. The website of this newspaper is actually a part of it.

02. The Morning Bulletin

The Morning Bulletin is a Queensland-based online newspaper. It actually serves the areas of Rockhampton. Besides, this newspaper covers the adjacent areas of central Queensland. This popular newspaper is also owned by News Corp Australia. The headquarters is at the 220 Bolsover Street of Rockhampton city.

This newspaper had published its print editions for about 150 years (1861-2020). But now it is published online only. Melanie Plane is the present editor of this online news portal.

03. The Cairns Post

The Cairns Post is a daily newspaper published in Far North Queensland. It covers local, national, state, and international news. Besides, this newspaper has coverage of different sections. This newspaper is circulated in the Cairns area. In addition to this, it has a weekly sister paper, known as The Weekend Post. This weekend edition is published each Saturday.

News Limited is the owner of this popular newspaper. It had been founded in 1883. That means this newspaper has been serving for more than a century. Amazingly, it won the PANPA award in 2013 because of its biggest circulation as a regional newspaper.

04. The Toowoomba Chronicle

The Toowoomba Chronicle is another regional newspaper that serves Darling Downs, the Locker Valley, and Toowoomba regional areas. News Corp Australia runs this newspaper. However, it is printed in Tabloid format. It has a big daily circulation (about 23K) from its Monday to Sunday editions. Anyway, its weekday circulation is bigger in number.

The Toowoomba Chronicle is one of the main sources of news and information of that region. It covers a wide range of sections including news, sports, and advertisements. This newspaper advertises jobs, property, cars, public notices and so on.

05. Daily Mercury

The Daily Mercury is a daily newspaper published in Queensland. Interestingly, this is the only newspaper that serves the Mackay region. News Corp Australia owns this newspaper. It has a daily circulation of more than 16K copies. Besides, the Sunday edition distributes around 20K copies.

This daily newspaper started its journey in 1866. But in the beginning, it was known as the Mackay Mercury. Then the name was changed to the Daily Mercury in 1906. Apparently, this English newspaper has a Centre-Left political alignment. It published the print editions until 2020. Then, along with some other regional papers, it stopped its print edition in 2020. Now, it is an online-only publication.

06. The Observer

The Observer is a Gladstone-based regional newspaper published in Gladstone, Queensland. It is printed in Tabloid format. News Corp Australia is its owner. This daily newspaper came to light in 1867. Its headquarters is located in Gladstone, Queensland. The Observer has a daily circulation of about 8K copies. In addition to this, it sells around 10K copies in the weekend edition.

In 2020, it stopped its print editions. As it ceased publishing on papers, this is an online-only newspaper at present. However, this newspaper mostly focuses on this particular region. Besides, it covers various sections.

07. Central Queensland News

The Central Queensland News (CQ News) is a popular online newspaper published in Queensland. The headquarters is located in Emerald, Queensland. This newspaper had been published in a printed version for over 80 years (1937-2020). Now the authority publishes it online only. News Corp Australia is the sole owner of this newspaper.

The CQ News used to cover the local daily affairs from Isaac and Central Highland regions. The present online version is doing so. This newspaper was founded in 1937 by Vera Gibson.

08. Fraser Coast Chronicle

Fraser Coast Chronicle is a local newspaper published in the Fraser Coast Area, Queensland. This English-language newspaper is owned by News Corp Australia. It is printed in Tabloid format. However, this daily newspaper started its journey in 1860 as a four-page tabloid. At that time, this newspaper was known as the Maryborough Chronicle, Wide Bay, and Burnett Adviser.

It is circulated to the Fraser Coast area. It sells around 10K copies daily. Anyway, the Saturday edition has bigger demand.

09. NewsMail

The NewsMail is a Queensland-based online newspaper that was founded in 1925. It has stable audiences and a great influence on this region. At present, this website is a part of News Corp’s News Regional Network. This newspaper covers a wide range of news and information including domestic and international news content. This newspaper had both online and print editions. But due to the pandemic, it stopped its print edition in 2020.

10. The Northern Miner

The Northern Miner is a regional newspaper published in the Charter Towers region, Queensland. This newspaper was founded in 1872. James S. Reid established this publication that was founded just after the discovery of Gold in that region. This paper talks about gold miners. Anyway, it is a long-surviving newspaper.

Final Verdict

Incidents or accidents, we come to most of the domestic and international information through newspapers. A newspaper not only provides news but also reflects public opinions.

In this article, you have been introduced to the 10 best newspapers in Queensland with their publishing history and some other important aspects.