7 Richest countries in Europe by GDP

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When the word Europe comes in the mind, so many things pop up. The progressive continent, educated people, organized cities, and many more. the economy is also quite well. People are rich & the quality of life is very good here. The total wealth of Europe is nearly $90 Trillion which makes is the richest and wealthiest continent.

“There are two kinds of Europeans: The smart ones, and those who stayed behind.” ― H.L. Mencken

7 Richest countries in Europe by GDP

Here are the top seven countries by GDP:


Germany is not just Europe's largest overall economy but also the particular strongest. Around the global level, it is the fourth-largest economy regarding nominal Gross Domestic Product, with around $4 trillion GDP. The GDP for every capita is more than $45,000.

The country earns a lot of money by processing industries together with automotive, harsh chemicals, metals which include iron and even steel, electronic equipment, fossil fuel, ships, machine tools, high-caliber equipment, optics, pharmaceuticals, materials, and clear plastic goods.


France is the most-visited country on the globe has the second-largest economy involving Europe, with a small GDP connected with $2. 8 trillion. It is GDP with regards to purchasing strength parity is just about $#trillion. The offers a large standard of living to be able to its folks as mirrored in its GDP per capita of more than $42,000. In recent years, the particular economic progress has stunted, resulting in lack of employment that has put immense strain on the authorities to reboot your computer the economy

Having resources obtained from the two inside the region and in another country, the People from France developed superior science, architecture, and skill. France will get dividends coming from its purchases through nowadays, attracting lots of the best as the political and academic infrastructure has been built up utilizing wealth and also planning.

03.United Kingdom

Britain, with a $2.8 trillion GDP will be the third greatest economy in Europe. When compared regarding GDP purchasing-power-parity, the United Kingdom. slips for the ninth area with a GDP-PPP of approximately $3 trillion. It has a high ranking 23rd concerning GDP for every capita, which can be around $42,000.

Their quality of life is mostly considered excessive, and the financial system is quite varied. Technological innovation and copulate industries encompass the single largest-sized sector, giving 30.8% of absolute Gross Useful in manufacturing in 2003. In this sector, vehicle equipment is the largest factor.


Using a nominal GDP of more than $2 trillion, Italy would be Europe’s fourth-largest economy. In terms of Gross Domestic Product (PPP), it is the economy will be worth $2. 45 trillion and possesses a for every capita GDP of more than $34,000, Italy a well-known member of the particular Eurozone.

The country has different sectors of income sources that make Italy one of the wealthiest counties in the world. This county’s GDP is in the top 10 list. They earn a lot of money from the technological sector and tourism.


Russian Federation, the largest country on Earth with regards to landmass, is the 5thh-largest overall economy in Europe, which has a nominal Gross Domestic Product of more than $1.5 trillion. GDP per capita of this country is more than $11,000.

The country generates income from various sectors. At the moment Russian contains the following aggressive industries: oil and coal, mining, digesting precious gems and precious metals, aircraft developing, aerospace generation, weapons and also military systems manufacture, electric powered engineering, pulp-and-paper production, auto industry, transport, highway, and cultivation.


With more than $1.2trillion GDP, the Spanish economy will be the sixth-largest economy inside the Eurozone. The suffered from a recessionary period and fight back with the well-developed economical system. GDP per capita of this country is more than $30,000.

The country generates income from different sectors. They are the most visited county after France.

The main tourism arena is crucial for the nation's economy, remaining Spain's primary source of income, as the countryside is the subsequently most popular vacationer destination on the earth, they also earn from agriculture, manufacturing, and energy sectors.


The Netherlands, the 7th largest financial system in the EU, is the 17th-largest economy on earth. Nowadays, the country includes a nominal GDP of $900 billion and a Gross Domestic Product-PPP of nearly 1 trillion. It has a high ranking 13th on such a basis as per household income, along with a GDP per capita more than $53,000.