Romania: The Capital Is The “Little Paris”

Romania Flag Romania is an amazing country in the European region. Romania is a secret treasure of beauty, located in southeastern Europe. Filled with history and tradition.

Democracy, Capital and Language

It is a free nation that has a Unitary semi-presidential Constitutional government.

Bucharest is the capital of the country and is the largest city in the country. The city could be called as the financial or industrial center of the country.

Romanian is the official language here.Yet there few more existing languages used in the country.

Population and Economy

This is populated with around 20 million people.

The country is persistently improving in the economic sector. Romania's main industrial sectors are clothes and footwear manufacturing, metallic, extracting as well as processing associated with primary products (timber, pebble, rock), meals processing, essential oil refining and also chemical derivates, and to an inferior extent pharmaceutical medication, heavy machines, household consumer electronics.

Amazing Roads

uncovered it within the center of Romania: in the form of the very Transfagarasan route. Whichever solution you look within it, the costly extraordinary task of technological know-how: a stretch for tarmac set with tunnels, viaducts, and connections and of which takes the main skill about navigating hairpin bends so that you can new heart.

Romania’s 22, 298km rail system is the fifteenth most substantial in the world. Bucharest’s mass transportation network may be the fourth biggest in European countries.

Science and Medicine

In 1924, Romanian physicist Stefania Maracineanu is the first man of science who founded the way of man-made radioactivity as well as demonstrated the best laboratory have fun proving the choice to produce man-made nuclear beams.

The first propane compression location in the Western world was a built-in Sărmăşel instant Romania almost 100 years age

A further Romanian biologist, Emil Palade, received the very Nobel Reward for her contributions towards cell chemistry and biology.

The Land of Churches

Romania has 7 UNESCO Globe Heritage areas, including the 8 churches associated with northern Moldavia, covered within wonderful frescos (the Voroneț Monastery continues to be dubbed Romania’s Sistine Chapel), and the wood churches regarding Maramureş, 2 there is also ten, including Sapanta Peri, that claims to become the tallest wood made church on the planet.


This nation is fond of sports. Soccer, tennis, basketballs are very popular here. A lot of athletes have participated and won the prize in many international tournaments such as the Olympics.

If someone plans to travel one of the finest countries in Europe, Romania would be a great destination.