Things to know about the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA)

Saudi Arabia Flag The kingdom of Saudi Arabia we’re commonly known as Saudi Arabia settled in western Asia surrounded by Jordan, Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, UAE, Oman, Yemen, Egypt and Israel. Saudi Arabia is the largest Sovereign state in Western Asia and second largest in whole Arab world the first is (Algeria) fifth largest country in Asia and 12th in the world ranking of largest countries.

About Land and Population

It is the only country having two seas The Red Sea and Persian Gulf and it is the largest country without any river in it, most of the land in Saudi Arabia in consist of dry and arid deserts, low lands and mountains all around the country. Saudi Arabia’s economy was ranked the largest in Middle East and 18th in the world in 2018 and having one of the most youngest population of around 50% of its 33.4 million population are under 25.

Culture and Civilization

Saudi Arabia is one the ancient cultured and civilized country and reflects the sign of earliest activity of human most of the population there is of the second largest religion in the world Islam and Muslims. After the death of Prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H in 632 DC his Muslim followers Caliphates runs the country and extended the territory rapidly and built their kingdom from Iberian Peninsula till modern days Pakistan.

Caliphates and their Periods

In caliphates periods Rashidun (632-661) Umayyad (661-750) Abbasid (750-1517) and Fatimid (909-1171) they ruled the kingdom for centuries. Saudi Arabia was found by Ibn Saud in 1932 and he united four regions into one that’s where from the name Saudi Arabia came.

Main sources of income

Main source of income for Saudi Arabia is petroleum it was discovered in 1938 on 3rd of March and Saudi Arabia became the largest oil exporters and second largest oil producers behind USA and also sixth largest Gas reserve. Saudi is categorized in World Bank high-income economy and it is the only Arab Country to be the part of G-20 major economics in the world. The rules there are completely are on the behalf of Islamic Rules Homosexuality, Drugs and alcohol is illegal.

Royal Family

The Royal Family of Saudi Arabia is known for their luxury lifestyle, it is consist of 15000 members called The House of Saud holds the large numbers of economy up to 1.4 trillion dollars. The King of Saudi Arabia is Salman and the Crown prince is Muhammad Bin Salman commonly known as MBS is famous for his luxury lifestyle he has net worth of 17 billion dollars and he bought a painting painted by Leonardo da Vinci in 1490-1500 for 450 million dollars named Salvatore Mundi and another prince of Saudi Arabia has 5 to 7 golden platted luxurious cars and private planes. Royal family is living the lifestyle of one can only dream.