The 10 Best Outdoor Security Cameras in Bangladesh

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There is no one who does not want to keep their home safe. Outdoor security cameras or CCTV system can play a major role in giving us safety. It is so cool to see what is going on outside your home. An outdoor security camera is a home monitoring device that allows you to monitor the events outside with a security camera.

You can purchase a good-quality security camera at an affordable price if you have a clear knowledge of it. This article deals with the 10 best outdoor security cameras in Bangladesh.

The 10 Best Outdoor Security Cameras in Bangladesh

Here's a list of the 10 Best Outdoor Security Cameras in BD:

01. Xiaomi Xiaofang WiFi IP Camera

It is a mini-size IP camera. You can set up this portable outdoor security camera anywhere. By connecting this camera with the Mi-Home app, you will be able to monitor real-time videos from anywhere. It is completely free to use. Amazingly, this camera supports time-lapse recording.

Highlighted Features:
✔ 1080p camera resolution
✔ 64 GB TF card support
✔ Two-way audio
✔ Automatic day-night mode change
✔ 110-degree wide-angle FOV
✔ 8X digital zoom
Price: BDT 1,800

02. V380 IP Camera

V380 IP Camera is an outstanding outdoor camera found in Bangladesh. It assures high-end performance even though it is very cheap to purchase. It is worth saying this camera can rotate 360 degrees according to your direction. Besides, it is able to take videos at night too.

Highlighted Features:
✔ Low Price but better in quality
✔ Online live view
✔ Night vision and 360-degree rotation
✔ Continuous recording and two-way audio
✔ Supports SD card
✔ By H.265 compression, it is able to record the videos of a month in 64 GB storage.
Price: BDT 1,350

03. X910 Bulb Shape WiFi Spy Camera

X910 is a panoramic camera. So, you need not rotate it to take the 360-degree view. You can adjust it with any bulb holder. People will think it is a bulb only. You will always be able to take 360 videos because of its position. Besides, it does not require any power cable as you can set it up with a bulb holder.

Highlighted Features:
✔ Panoramic 360-degree view
✔ 1080 pixel recording resolution
✔ Two-way audio
✔ Supports SD card
✔ Power backup facility from a power bank
✔ WiFi connectivity
Price: BDT 1,750

04. A9 WiFi Mini IP Camera

This security camera has a wonderful look. A9 IP camera offers all the functions we want. You will be able to monitor your house from anywhere with your mobile phone. It can be your best and most reliable housekeeper. There are no difficulties with it. You just need to connect this camera to a USB charger.

Highlighted Features:
✔ 150-degree angle view
✔ 1080-pixel video resolution
✔ 350mAh lithium battery
✔ Micro USB interface
✔ WiFi support, IR night vision, time display, and loop recording
✔ Video and audio record
Price: BDT 1300

05. Hikvision Ezviz CS-CV246 IR Camera

This is an amazing outdoor security camera found in Bangladesh. It offers you a 1-year warranty. It is featured with standard wireless connectivity. In addition to this, this masterpiece supports up to 128 GB memory cards.

Highlighted Features:
✔ 1280×720 video resolution
✔ 1/ 2.7” progressive CMOS sensor
✔ 128 GB memory card support
✔ Night vision and 10m IR distance
✔ Cloud proprietary protocol
✔ Wireless connectivity
Price: BDT 2,700

06. Q9 WiFi IP Camera

Do you wanna monitor your house or check out what is happening around your office? Q9 WiFi IP Camera might give you a great solution. You can link this camera to your PC or mobile phone with a WiFi connection. So, you can be able to watch real-time videos. Interestingly, this IP camera is very cheap. Anyone can purchase it.

Highlighted Features:
✔ Motion Detection
✔ 1080-pixel full HD reality
✔ Easy setup
✔ 3.6m camera lens and 10 meters IR irradiation
✔ Wide dynamic range
✔ Digital noise reduction
✔ Day-night transition mode
Price: BDT 1,650

07. V380-S VR Panoramic IP Camera

This is a panoramic camera and it works with a fisheye lens. So, this IP camera is able to watch every angle without rotation. Undoubtedly, it’s more than an IP camera. Because you will never be able to watch 360-degree angles at the same time with the robotic rotation feature. But it offers you to watch every angle at the same time. Just set up a memory card with it. Then, it will start recording.

Highlighted Features:
✔ Night Vision
✔ Two-way audio
✔ Continuous recording with any interruption
✔ Supports power backup
✔ 980-pixel recording resolution
✔ 3 MP camera lens
✔ 360-degree view without rotation
Price: BDT 1,600

08. ZC-720 WiFi IP Camera

This IP camera supports up to a 64GB memory card that is able to store videos for about 20 days. There is nothing to worry about even if the memory card is full. It will never erase all the records after the storage runs out. Rather it will start erasing from the oldest day clip. It never stops recording. You will be able to talk and listen to others by using this device.

Highlighted Features:
✔ Two-way audio
✔ 2-megapixel camera lens
✔ Micro SD card support
✔ 360-degree rotation
✔ Never stops recording
✔ Power backup support from the power bank
Price: BDT 2,220

09. Xiaomi Mijia Smart IP Camera

Xiaomi Mijia is undoubtedly a small outdoor security camera found in Bangladesh. This camera can capture objects of 9-meter distance at night. Besides, it lets you monitor a wide range of areas by rotating them vertically and horizontally. The TF card offers videos of an integrated appearance.

Highlighted Features:
✔ 360-degree panorama view with dual motors
✔ Speaker and internal microphone
✔ Strong wireless signal
✔ Night vision function
✔ Smooth video with 720p resolution
Price: BDT 3,075

10. F600 Wireless IP CCTV Camera

F600 IP camera is one of the best and most affordable security cameras found in Bangladesh. It will start recording just after setting a memory card. It supports up to a 64 GB memory card that is enough to store videos of about 20 days. As it uses a fisheye lens, it can capture all around without rotation.

Highlighted Features:
✔ Online view and two-way audio
✔ Supports Micro SD card
✔ Night vision
✔ 360-degree panoramic view without rotation
✔ 3 MP lens and 960P recording resolution
✔ Supports power backup
Price: BDT 1,850

Final Words

Outdoor Security Cameras nowadays replace the duty of a housekeeper. In Bangladesh, you will find a lot of brands and models of security cameras. Some of them are outstanding but expensive.

People undoubtedly look for a product that is affordable enough to purchase and good to use. I hope this article helps you choose the best-suited one.